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Magic Power Words to Use If You Want to Sell More In 2022


Ever wondered why sometimes you end up buying things online you never knew you wanted until suddenly, for some inexplicable reason, you suddenly needed it? That’s the power of buying words.

Everywhere you have copy on your site is an opportunity to convert regular traffic into happy customers. In particular, your landing page, product page, and even checkout page are all places where you can boost your sales by using keywords to entice consumers.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best keywords to use around your site if you’re looking to drive up sales, without having to get out your thesaurus.

What Are Buying Words?

Going online is much the same as stepping into a crowded marketplace. Hawkers are shouting at you from their stalls to buy their products and you suddenly emerge on the other side with your arms laden with bags.

Indeed, the hawker’s skill is in having an appealing display, an approachable manner, and knowing the right word to entice you to their stall.

Online shopping is no different. Although, instead of stalls, there are websites, but the words we use to attract customers and persuade them to buy are just as important.

Sometimes going through a thesaurus and looking for a word related to buying and selling can be a good place to start. However, to stand out among your competitors, taking the time to really consider what word you use and how it can make people feel is a really important part of the selling process.

Especially when you consider a landing page and the limited space you have to make an impression on your audience, choosing the right sentences or phrases can be the difference between a site visitor and a site customer.

After all, a strong buying word or phrase can grab the reader’s attention and also tell them what to do next.

How Buying Words Work

All buying words work by invoking an emotional response in the reader. Therefore, these power words are often used in marketing to persuade your audience to click “buy now.”

Some of the ways that the right word can persuade your readers is by:

  • Encouraging their ambition
  • Instilling a fear of missing out on something
  • Making them feel beautiful or desirable
  • Fostering a community they want to belong to
  • Providing proof or a high chance of results

At the same time, because buying words are so charged, they can make your copy more interesting and memorable for the reader. All in all, it’s a win-win for your business.

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The Two Most Important Buying Words

In marketing, there are a few words that will always stand out as being exceptionally influential. These two are proven to have a lot of power on the reader.


Whenever you’re writing copy, you want to engage your reader on an individual level. For that reason, the most important word to use is YOU.

Since addressing your potential buyer directly can help them feel seen and valued, it gives them the sense that you care about them as an individual.

In fact, the pronouns you use in your copy can have a drastic influence on your conversion rates. Specifically, using second-person pronouns like you and your lets your audience know that this is about them.

It isn’t about you or your company, or even your product really. It’s about how you can fulfill a need of the person reading that sentence.

Ipsy knows all about the power of you. In one sentence they’ve let you know what they are offering and made you feel personally considered. They haven’t overcomplicated it with too many words, or focused on the product more than the reader.

It’s also worth noting, that since the brand is also quite affordable, they’ve included their price upfront. Plus they’ve highlighted that there is no commitment. This suggests to the reader that this is a low-risk purchase.


Finally, the second most important word in marketing (in my humble opinion perhaps, but heavily backed by marketing gurus), is because.

When you want to persuade the reader to buy your product or services, this word is absolutely imperative.

The art of persuasion in the English language all hangs on this power word. Selling is all about how you can provide a service to someone that needs it.

You need to convince your reader why they should do something, and how it will benefit them. People don’t do things without a reason, so give them a good one to buy what you’re offering.

General Buying Words

In general, buying words will either be a verb or an adjective. Using a verb inspires your reader to act in some way.

Comparatively, adjectives are power words for describing why a person should be interested in what you’re offering. They can also be used to elaborate on a promise you are making to your audience about the quality of the product you’re offering.

Here are some important keywords to consider when writing that will help turn prospects into customers.

1. Free

Everyone loves free stuff. This will always be true. Even if it’s just free shipping. Anything for free is a guaranteed way to encourage more sales, just be careful that whatever you’re offering isn’t going to affect the income you generate. Always offer something that you can afford.

2. New

3. We

4. Amazing

5. Ultimate

6. Sensational

7. Extravagant

8. Thrilling

9. Dazzling

10. Magic

11. Remarkable

12. Powerful

If you’re struggling to find the right buying words to make your copy stand out, try looking in a thesaurus for synonyms to find words related to adjectives you like.


Unsurprisingly, a word like “extraordinary” or one of its synonyms is often used when writing persuasive copy, because they are effective. No one wants an “alright” camera lens. They want a cutting-edge, crystal clear, amazing camera lens.

Keywords to Make Sales Fast

Whether you’re trying to push stock to make room for new products or are simply looking to make a little extra cash this month, these persuasive words send strong signals to consumers that the clock is ticking.

When buyers feel like they will miss out on an opportunity if they don’t buy now, they are more likely to buy quickly before they can overthink it.

The important thing to remember for your site is that you want to balance the sense of urgency with comfort and trust. Overusing buying words associated with quick sales can sometimes come across as scammy and make people uneasy. Don’t overdo it.

Here are other word ideas to use for quick sales:

13. Act

14. Now

This word is really easy to incorporate in a sentence or phrases that make up your tagline. Additionally, it works really well on a call to action button. Regardless, it’s definitely a word that can instill a feeling of urgency in most people and gets them clicking.

15. Last Chance

16. Limited Edition

17. Today

18. Bonus

19. Deliver

20. Deal

21. Extra

22. Hot

23. Hurry

24. Offer

25. Flash

26. First

27. More

28. Only

29. Plus

30. Save

31. Simplify

32. Special

33. Immediately

34. Start

35. Expires

36. Quick

37. Soon

38. Going fast

Don’t be afraid to be really clear and explain why the reader needs to act quickly, transparency is a top tip to help sell.

39. Giveaway


ColourPop offers a great example of this. The consumer is immediately told that there is an opportunity to receive something for free—immediately the consumer feels like they save money—but they sweeten the deal by letting you know that product is limited edition.

Meaning, if you don’t buy it now, you will miss out. This marketing tactic combines a few different powerful words related to making the customer feel assured.

Buying Words That Denote Quality or Exclusivity

In the past, people have always been drawn to the exclusive. The present market is no different. Consumers are either looking to buy something that everyone has or no one.

Buyers are often motivated by a desire to fit in or by the trust and reliability that comes from a word-of-mouth recommendation. These are consumers that want the same products as everyone else.

Comparatively, there are people who are happy to pay to stand out. These are the consumers that want rare and exclusive products. They are looking to belong to an elite community.

With this in mind, decide which market best suits your product. Then, you can choose buying words that will encourage the highest sales.

For example, buying something like a Lamborghini has nothing to do with being practical and everything to do with belonging to an exclusive group. Don’t underestimate the marketing value of letting people know your product will help them stand out.

Here are some words that highlight exclusivity to your audience:

40. Best

41. Exclusive

42. Handmade

43. Rare

44. Resist

45. Insider

46. Crafted

47. Members-only

48. Small-batch

49. Win

50. Premier

51. Latest

52. Precious

53. Forged

54. Premium

55. Secret


This homepage highlights different products made by the company. In addition, it provides an example of how using the words “limited edition” can encourage fast sales, but also let the reader know that by owning this product they are part of a small community.

In this way, it promotes the exclusivity of the product.

Ash Hopper has even incorporated a buying word into their logo. “Handcrafted” not only says something about the quality and care you can expect goes into the product, but it signals to the audience that the product isn’t mass-produced.

Therefore, this is an opportunity to buy something that not everyone has.

Words to Attract New Customers

Loyal customers are great. However, you should always be looking at how to attract new customers and grow your brand.

With this in mind, these buying words play on people’s desires. It’s your promise to them that your product or services can help them attain a goal.

When a new visitor comes to your site, they are likely there because they have something in mind, they are already interested in what you are selling. In order to hook them into buying, you need to let them know that you can fulfill their needs.

If you’re looking to draw in more customers, consider one of these word ideas:

When you’re looking to attract a new customer it’s sometimes better to use a verb rather than an adjective to draw them in. Right away, the right verb can grab your reader’s attention and promise a solution to a problem.

56. Achieve

57. Build

58. Conquer

59. Create

60. Explore

61. Imagine

62. Improve

63. Transform

64. Profit

65. Learn

66. Know

67. Understand

68. Powerful

69. Money

70. Health

71. Results

72. How to

73. Revolutionary

74. Must

75. Innovative


For example, William Painter actually uses a lot of key buying words to entice readers. Using a word like “durable” or “lifeproof” is important because they highlight a quality product that will make you more inclined to pay more.

In addition, they’ve drawn you in with the word “adventure” to speak to that inner desire to get out, live life, and enjoy.

Buying Words to Make Your Customers Feel Safe

One of the most fundamental parts of sales is to make your customers and clients feel like they can trust you. In any event, making a purchase with you should never be a question of safety.

Therefore, building up your reputation is a critical step, and one of the reasons why most people will choose known brands over unknown ones.

However, if you’re a new brand and still trying to gain recognition, don’t worry. There are a few keywords you can use that will help put your audience at ease.

Obviously, you don’t want consumers to be wary or afraid of giving you their money. Therefore, explain all the reasons why your product is safe by highlighting why you are a trustworthy seller.

76. Fix

77. Focus

78. Master

79. Simplify

80. Trust

81. Genuine

82. Guarantee

83. Money-back

84. Protected

85. Endorsed

86. Authentic

87. Zero-down

88. Proven

89. Quality-assured

90. No obligation

91. Lifetime

92. Privacy

93. Best-seller

94. Painless

95. Easy

96. Simple

97. Stress-free

98. Basic

99. Help

100. Convenient

101. Risk-free


Specifically, one of the best ways to put people at ease is to make them feel like they are getting good value for their money. For example, the word “unlimited” and the phrase “watch anywhere” send strong signals to the reader that the services offered are convenient and worthwhile.

At the same time, the phrase “cancel anytime” minimizes the feeling of risk.

Creating copy is an art in itself. Basically, knowing how to write good copy is essential to sell (unless you’re prepared to outsource for a price).

For that reason, it’s definitely worth cracking open one of the best copywriting books out there to level up your writing and improve sales.

You may also consider taking a writing course to upskill even more, such as the one below.

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Start Using Buying Words Today

Basically, you’d be surprised at the difference a few keywords can make when it comes to audience engagement. Putting the extra time in when writing copy to consider buying words and the different emotions they can elicit can go a long way in increasing sales.

Certainly, using persuasive words in a subtle way to compel your readers is a great way to stand out among your competitors.

With this in mind, a good trick for coming up with your own list of buying words is to look at some of the landing pages for your favorite brands.

Then consider what word they used that really sold you on their product or persuaded you to buy. You can follow their example and use synonyms to make your own list of words that sell.

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