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€50+ bonus – WAMO – EU / EEA / UK / CH users only : passive_income


WAMO, a payment service provider, is offering the opportunity to earn €50 for signing up, depositing and making one transaction (using their free virtual card) until the end of May 2022.

The service is great – at the time of writing the only costs to freelancers are to withdraw money at the ATM and receive money through Apple Pay (outward SEPA transfers are free) –EDIT– SWIFT transfers are also paid. It seems they offer an unlimited number free virtual and physical cards (or maybe I haven’t hit my limit yet).

It’s an amazing service for anyone running a small business online. And free if you’re a freelancer.


Registering through a referral link is necessary to get the bonus. No referral link, no bonus. I’ll be rewarded the same amount of money you receive as a bonus if you complete the process. Feel free to invite your friends using your own referral link after you sign up.

How to get the €50 bonus:

  1. Register for a FREE account as a freelancer. (Paid packages are only for larger entities. The freelancer package is FREE).

  2. Get verified.

  3. Deposit at least €50.

  4. Create a virtual card and use it to make one transaction. Virtual cards are free and can be linked to an existing Curve card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

  5. The account should be credited by the company by €50.

  6. At the time of writing, you can withdraw the money to your other bank accounts for free (SEPA transfers). Or just spend it from your WAMO account.

  7. Keep using the service if you like it. And enjoy the free money.

The service is great. The free €50 is an added bonus. They want to grow their userbase and are willing to grow by word of mouth and financial bonuses. Why not take advantage of the offer?

Here’s the referral link one more time: https://contactless.wamo.io/register?utm_campaign=c847a46d-f0ce-4abc-9a05-fac8728f98a9&utm_source=wamo&utm_medium=referral

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