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So I’m a 22 yo car mechanic, just bought my first home and with the current cost of living crisis we’re worried about keeping up with bills and other payments. I work all week so i barely have any time spare until the weekend, I need something safe and sustainable because money is pretty tight atm. : passive_income


You’re on the wrong subreddit.
I’ll answer your question anyways.

You bought a home. Are you using all of the rooms? If not, rent out vacant room until you make more money.

Is it necessary to live at home? You’re 22 years old. Can you live with your parents? If that’s the case then rent out your house and live for free.

Can’t live at home? Find a cheap dusty single room for rent, and live there. Rent out your vacant home for income.

All of the passive income streams that are safe and sustainable require a great deal of capital/resources. You don’t have a lot of capital/resources so you can not use any sort of safe passive income stream.

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