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Your usual spot at your desk is often the best place to write. But if you’ve become bored looking out the same old window and at the same four walls, it may be time to try something new: writing as a digital nomad. Usually, a digital nomad is a freelance writer who works remotely while traveling to new places. But if you have the budget and the opportunity, you can be a digital nomad creative writer—even if it’s only for a few days or weeks. Writing on a tropical beach with your toes in the sand or while sipping an espresso at a café in Lisbon may sound inspiring and tempting, but don’t pack your bags and laptop just yet! Whether you’re heading out around the world or around the block, the experts at Writer’s Relief have a few tips on how to write and excel as a digital nomad.

How To Write Successfully As A Digital Nomad: Our Best Tips

Maximize your “office” setup. Since digital nomads must create their own workspaces, take the time to figure out what works best for you. You may prefer a professional work setup, or you may find you’d rather lounge on your couch as you write. Keep in mind, too, that a digital nomad must be digital—which means you can’t work without a reliable Internet connection. Wherever you go, good Wi-Fi is a must, so plan ahead! Whether you’ll be creating your own “home” office in new cities, or using public venues like libraries, coworking spaces, or coffee shops, make sure you’ll be able to access the Internet, both for research and for submitting your work.

One of the biggest pros to writing as a digital nomad is the ability to move from place to place—a digital nomad is not tied down to one location. Is your current writing spot getting crowded? Noisy? Too hot or cold? Change it!

Build a writing community. Even if you’re only away for a limited time, life as a digital nomad, while wonderful, can also be lonely. Be sure you take the time to connect with other writers and build a community, whether in-person or virtual!

Attend writing classes, conferences, and events in your new locale to network, build connections, and meet experts in your genre. Take advantage of opportunities that are unique to your location.

Stay in touch with your readers. No matter where you hang your hat, continue to maintain your social media and online profiles. Even though you’re on the move, you want to stay connected to your followers and fans. You can use social media tools such as Hootsuite to schedule posts for the day or week, leaving you free to wander and write!

And Our Best Tip For Excelling As A Digital Nomad…

Get professional assistance making your writing submissions! When you’re moving from place to place or are in the zone writing at your latest location, it can be hard to stop and spend hours and hours researching the right markets for your work or preparing your submissions. The submission strategists at Writer’s Relief can help! We’ll research and target the best markets for your work so you can make your submissions in a few quick clicks—and then focus on that breathtaking waterfall or the paintings in the museum lobby. Submit your writing sample to our Review Board today to learn more!

As a digital nomad, you won’t be tied down to one location—or even one state or one country. While you’re traveling, be on the lookout for new writing experiences, and say “yes” when they arise! And continue to submit your work for publication.


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