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The Best Online Accounting Software For Side Hustlers And Freelancers



Final Verdict: Best Accounting Software For Freelancers Is…

So, let’s go back to our main criteria for what makes great accounting software for freelancers and side hustlers.

It needs to have a low price. That makes Wave Accounting a good contender.

It should automatically sync with your bank accounts. All of them do this, but we found Wave to be a bit glitchy.

It should have invoicing. FreshBooks started as an invoicing tool and still dominates this space, but it’s lack of ability to do more than 5 on the cheapest pricing plan hurt it. All others do good invoicing.

Payment Acceptance is important. All of them offer this, with similar fees being charged by each. FreshBooks has PayPal business, with is a differentiator. 

Finally, a good app. QuickBooks and FreshBooks both have good apps that we found easy to use.

Thinking of all of the features and considerations, we recommend:

Wave Accounting if you want a free accounting program that does invoicing. Otherwise, we recommend Quickbooks Online if you think you’re outgrowing Wave or want to be prepared for the future.

Wave Accounting is free, and you can’t beat free. Quickbooks has the lowest pricing for the largest feature set, and it’s easy to use with a great mobile app.


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