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Does passive income really work? : passive_income



It takes money to make money. But seriously, it depends on what you define as passive income. For me it’s low effort income.

There’s an app where you can get rewarded for exercising for answering trivia called Coin Hunt World. Since I am poor, have a dog, and have to exercise for my health anyway, the little bit of money I get goes a long way for me.

Your area might be mapped. https://coinhuntmap.com/app/

The community is friendly, but I like that you do not need to interact with people if you don’t want to. Warning referral link – https://coinhunt.gsc.im/mvkhojI23D

It’s available in the US, Canada, UK, El Salvador, and soon The Philippines. There are local discord groups on Discord. https://coinhuntworldwiki.com/wiki/Community_Groups


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