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Am I shadowbanned on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok?



Am I Shadowbanned? If your social media posts stopped getting any likes or replies you might be.

You can get shadowbanned on almost any platform, but it is especially common for Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. While a regular user will not suffer that much due to this ban, it can be really disastrous for influencers.

Here is how to determine if you are shadowbanned on some of these platforms and what to do if you are.

What does “shadow banned” mean?

Basically, a shadowban is when a social network punishes a user so that their content cannot be seen by others. Keep in mind that you will still be able to post stuff, but no one will even see it or be able to interact with these posts. In some cases, you will be less shown in the feed. 

In some cases, shadowbanning will completely prevent communication. Let’s take Twitter, for example. Besides your tweets being invisible, users will not be able to see your replies.

The best way to determine if you got a shadowban is if people suddenly stopped interacting with your content. A post will no longer be able to get any likes, and there will be no comments whatsoever. Some platforms say that they don’t ban their users. However, there is some real-world evidence that suggests otherwise.

Am I shadowbanned on Twitter?

According to the official statement, Twitter does not ban its users in any way. A lot of people dispute this claim as they’ve experienced a Twitter shadowban firsthand. In fact, even the company’s terms of service emphasize that they can limit the visibility and distribution of specific content on the platform.

To some people, this can be interpreted as a breach of freedom of speech especially given that influencers utilize Twitter to avert attention to social and political issues. On the other hand, Twitter also has to impose these rules to prevent the distribution of potentially harmful content. Perhaps the biggest issue is the lack of transparency, which allows the company to impose these rules as they set fit.

How to perform a Twitter shadowban test?

There are two main ways to determine if you got a ban on Twitter.

Use a Twitter shadowban checker

am i shadowbanned on twitter

Perhaps the best way to perform a Twitter shadowban test is by utilizing a shadowban checker. Here are some of the tools that you can use:

These apps are pretty straightforward. Just copy-paste your Twitter handle and start the analysis. If you are truly banned, the tool will confirm this, and it will also break down the ban by category.

Another great thing about Shadowban.eu is that the tool will give you some insights about different shadowbans. Naturally, most people won’t know anything about these bans before they get one. So, by figuring out what’s happening with your account, you will be able to better address the problem.

We differentiate 3 shadowbans on Twitter. The first one prevents your posts from appearing on the home page, within search and search suggestions. The second one prevents you from replying to certain types of tweets, or it might completely ban you from replying. We also have ghost banning, which is the worst out of three. It will completely hide all user’s activity on the platform.

Search your own account

Another thing you can do, if you think you’ve got a shadowban, is to log into an account and then perform a search for your own username. If you can’t find any results, this is a clear indication that you’ve received a ghost ban.

In most cases, you won’t even need a shadowban checker. These bans are very obvious, and all you need is some basic reasoning.

How to handle a Twitter shadowban?

There are several things you can do to get out of a Twitter shadowban.

Just wait for a few days

The most important thing to note is that these things don’t last for too long. In most cases, they will last for about 3 days (unless we’re talking about a major transgression). But, if the issues persist, you will likely have to contact Twitter directly and see if their agents can help you out.

Contact Twitter

After you’ve resolved the issue, you need to make sure that the problem doesn’t occur again. If you had to contact Twitter to fix the problem, they’d probably given you some pointers as to what happened and how to prevent these transgressions in the future. The type of content that is most likely to get you into trouble is spam, malicious, or misleading posts.

Make sure that your Twitter feed is “clean” in the future. That means you should avoid repeating tweets, using bots, or relying on other illicit methods. Also, you should stay away from tactics meant to increase your followership and likes artificially. While automated tweets are not that big of an issue, they can also cause issues.

Am I shadowbanned on Instagram?

Like with Twitter, the worst thing about Instagram shadowban is that you probably won’t realize that you’re penalized at first. There are no notifications or anything of that sort. So, you should try to check a few things to see if you’re penalized on the platform.

A lot of people don’t even realize what Instagram shadowban entails and how to recognize it. For example, some users will instantly think they’re banned if they’ve experienced a drop in engagement levels. But, this isn’t necessarily so.

While a drop in likes can be a sign of a penalty, it can also occur due to the algorithm. For example, Instagram is so sophisticated that it’s able to automatically remove posts that it deems inappropriate. Even if you didn’t do anything malicious or went against the platform’s rules, you might still experience this problem.

After these algorithmic improvements, there were numerous users who complained about a major reduction in engagement. So, you shouldn’t be too hasty when making conclusions. It might just be that you’re promoting a product or a service that is regarded as illicit.

Similar to Twitter, Instagram CEO also claims that that platform doesn’t impose shadowbans on its users. As mentioned, if the algorithm has already removed the content, you are less likely to get a shadowban.

How to perform an Instagram shadowban test?

Like with Twitter, there are several things you can do if you’re uncertain about what’s happening.

Use an Instagram shadowban checker

First off, start by using an Instagram shadowban tool. Triberr is a great app for this. Unlike Twitter tools, Triberr focuses on hashtags. It will check the last 10 posts and all the hashtags on them, making sure that you’re not flagged.

Check hashtags yourself

You can also check the hashtags yourself. They are the most common reason behind penalties, and you should especially be worried about banned or broken hashtags. By using an inappropriate phrase, your post will automatically get removed regardless of other hashtags that you used or the meaning behind the content.

Ask a follower to check your hashtags

Lastly, you can ask some of the followers to help you out. To perform the test, the user will either have to unfollow you or create a new account. Once you create a new post, you can give them one of the hashtags and tell them to check recent posts for that specific phrase. Make sure to avoid some tags with lots of searches as it will be hard for the follower to find your post. Needless to say, if the post doesn’t show within the results, it is a clear indication that you’re banned.

How to handle an Instagram shadowban?

There are several things that will help you remove Instagram shadowban.

Remove problematic hashtags

In most cases, hashtags will be the main issue. If you used broken or banned hashtags, you would have to remove them as soon as possible. You can still post content, but just without these tags.

Stop posting for a while

Instagram might also ban you due to excessive activity. If you took more than 500 actions during a day, this would lead to a penalty. This is a clear indication of spam or abuse. So, make sure to limit the number of actions during one day or even take a break for a few days.

Contact Instagram

Like with Twitter, you can contact Instagram’s team directly and resolve the issue with them.

Am I shadowbanned on TikTok?

TikTok is very similar to Twitter and Instagram in terms of shadowbanning and its approach to bans. While there is no reference to “shadowban” within the company’s terms, it is obvious that certain practices can get you in trouble and even lead to a permanent ban.

Of course, it is very important to avoid troublesome content such as spam, violence, illicit products and services, and so on.

If you got banned, your content would not be shown within the platform’s “For You Page” as often as it was before. So, the penalty is not as drastic as on some other social media. This also makes it a bit harder to detect. A lot of content creators realize they’ve been shadowbanned only when one of their followers specifically points it out.

Penalized content creators might also notice the change by having fewer likes and views. Keep in mind that the term shadowban only pertains to temporary issues, and it is not used to reference a permanent ban.

How to perform a TikTok shadowban test?

Due to the nature of its bans, there are fewer ways to detect TikTok bans.

Subscribe to TikTok Pro account

Unfortunately, there is not a simplistic shadowban tool for TikTok as there is for Twitter and Instagram. So, you will have to get into the nitty-gritty.

The best thing to do is to get an analytical suite and check stats for your videos. A noticeable drop in engagement, and especially views, is a good indication that something is going on.

By creating a TikTok Pro account, you will get access to analytical data for your account. Keep in mind that these changes don’t have to be conclusive. Sometimes, a drop will occur due to algorithmic changes. Or, perhaps your new content simply isn’t as good as your older stuff.

Keep in mind that you won’t need any other analytical tool aside from TikTok Pro. Other analytical apps are derived from it, so they will always provide more limited data by comparison.

Check hashtags

You can also check if your posts are properly shown by utilizing certain hashtags.

Put an obscure hashtag on your post, and perform a search for that phrase. If you can see your post at the top, that means that your content is not blocked. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not shadowbanned.

How to handle a TikTok shadowban?

Removing a penalty has to do with how you’re handling specific, troublesome posts.

Create TikTok Pro account

After using TikTok Pro to analyze your videos, you should use it once again to find all the troublesome content. Now, you will need to remove all these problematic videos, and then you will have to refresh the account.

The trickiest thing is to find the videos that got you in trouble. Ideally, you should start analyzing all the content from the moment you’ve noticed shadowban. There should be a steep drop in viewership at one point, so this is the best place to start.

When you remove the videos, clear the cache and close TikTok. After that, you shouldn’t use it for a week or so. If you did everything right, you should no longer have a penalty.

Contact TikTok

Some people might struggle with removing the ban despite their best efforts. As the issue continues, a user might start removing videos without making a second consideration.

If you’re unable to resolve the problem, it is much better to contact TikTok than to start removing good videos for no reason whatsoever. Inquire about the shadowban as well as its origin. Once you resolve the issue, make sure to avoid making similar infractions in the future.

Am I Shadowbanned FAQ

How do I know if I am shadowbanned?

When you see a drop in engagement and distribution of your content, you might be shadowbanned. There are ways to check if it is so.

How long does a shadowban last?

If you do not do something about it, it may last forever.

Can you get shadowbanned on Twitter?



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