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Risk of dividend stocks : passive_income



In my opinion the risk with dividend stocks would be companies prioritizing the dividend for the shareholders as opposed to making sure the company is reinvesting into the business. So checking for things like payout ratios, debt to equity and etc. when I pick my stocks I try to pick companies with a major moat that I feel companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google can’t dominate or take over, they should be able to work with those big names. Companies that will be needed in the world and could stand their ground for at least 5-10 years. To a certain degree they could even have access to intellectual property with names and brands that people grew up with and love like Disney (granted Disney cut their dividend). Last but not least, don’t chase yield. Or just get a etf focused on dividends as stated above.

These are just my thoughts and opinions since investing into the markets. I love dividend stocks despite the stigma you may hear from time to time about them.

As usual, this is not financial advice, do your own research. Best of luck!


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