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A Basket Of Writing Advice…From A Mall Easter Bunny | Writer’s Relief



A Basket Of Writing Advice…From A Mall Easter Bunny | Writer’s Relief

Dedicated fans will wait in long lines just to spend some time with this well-known icon, but they are also quick to call out a phony who’s just going through the motions. Are we talking about J.K. Rowling? Stephen King? Amanda Gorman? No, we’re talking about the mall Easter Bunny! At Writer’s Relief, we know the same skills that help a mall Easter Bunny win over the hearts of admirers will also help you offer your readers a genuine experience with your short stories, poetry, or book. Here’s the best writing advice from a mall Easter Bunny.

Writing Advice And Tips From A Mall Easter Bunny

Dangle A Carrot. The anticipation of meeting the magical source of chocolate eggs and jelly beans keeps the kiddies queued up and eager to catch a glimpse of two fuzzy ears. Give your readers a reason to keep turning the pages or to read to the end of your poem. You can heighten the stakes, add some conflict, or toss in a sweet twist!

But be sure you deliver on your promise. No one wants to finally get to the front of the line only to meet a flop-eared Easter Bunny in a threadbare, ill-fitting costume—and readers don’t want to discover the carrot you tempted them with is actually stale and unsatisfying.

Know Your Audience. Whether the visitor is a sleeping infant, wary toddler, or talkative kindergartener will determine how the mall Easter Bunny interacts. The big, energetic wave that brings a smile to an outgoing five-year-old may reduce an anxious preschooler to tears—better to greet that three-year-old with small, gentle gestures.

In the same way, you should know what the fans of your genre expect. The answer will determine your topic, word choices, structure, and more. For example: Unlike readers who prefer horror, romance readers aren’t going to be content if everyone dies at the end—they expect a happily ever after!

Hide Some Easter Eggs. Hiding eggs packed with candy and toys is a holiday tradition. While the mall Easter Bunny may be too busy dealing with the paparazzi to personally hide eggs, we all know how exciting it can be to discover a cleverly hidden treasure during an annual Easter egg hunt. You can bring that same sense of fun and discovery to your readers when you hide a few Easter eggs in your writing!

A literary Easter egg is a secret message or inside joke which may not be obvious to most readers, but that your loyal fans will recognize. In The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood’s initials are scratched into a school desk, while a casually mentioned neighbor from one of Stephen King’s novels becomes the protagonist of a later book. You don’t want to overdo it, but a few carefully placed Easter eggs can keep your readers coming back for more!

Be Outgoing And Socialize. A mall Easter Bunny should be friendly, pose for photos, and interact with fans (as much as possible, since the Bunny’s expression never changes). As a writer, you should be connecting with your fans and followers on social media. You can share your own writing advice or quotes from your work, talk about your latest publications, promote other writers, and share exclusive work. If you have an author website, you can start a blog. You can also include photos of possible new book covers, the journal your poem is published in, you at a book reading event, and more. Start snapping photos!

And while the mall Easter Bunny has to stay calm and cool in that head-to-toe costume, be sure to keep your cool on social media: Don’t feed the trolls any candy!

Remember, The Grass Isn’t Always Greener Elsewhere. The mall Easter Bunny has a nice-sized fan base, but it doesn’t compare to the much larger following of the big kahuna himself, the mall Santa. Don’t be tempted to compare yourself and your work to other writers. No two people are going to have the same experience in writing and publishing, so your success will look different from someone else’s. Instead, focus on developing and strengthening your voice. You’re the only one who can express your specific style of writing—and that’s what your fans want to read!

Share The Workload. The mall Easter Bunny has assistants to snap photos and answer questions. And after a long day hopping around the mall, the Easter Bunny makes tracks to Easter Island, where helpers are busy decorating eggs and filling baskets with goodies. Trying to do it all is too much for one bunny!

Writers can have helpers too; you don’t have to go it alone! At Writer’s Relief, our research experts help writers make targeted submissions to boost their odds of getting published. We focus on all the busywork while you focus on writing. And our many happy clients will tell you—our strategy works! To learn how we can help you make better writing submissions, send your writing sample to our Review Board today!

With this writing advice from a mall Easter Bunny, you can be true to yourself while still giving your fans a reading experience they’ll enjoy. Grab a handful of jelly beans and start writing!


Question: Which tip from the mall Easter Bunny will help most with your writing?





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