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Does anyone use Prosper Invest app? I signed up but have not put in any money. You pick what personal loans to invest based on your risk tolerance. Higher risk, higher return! : passive_income


I’ve been investing in Prosper for just over a year now and averaged about 9.25% based on my selection of notes. I’ve only put in $600 to test it out and so far I haven’t come across any real complaints for me personally. My buddy who showed me this app has put about double that in and has been receiving similar returns. Obviously nothing is guaranteed as the note can default and you lose your investment or based on your risk selection. I’ve got 29 different notes and the most I’ve put into one was $50 majority are at $25 which I have it automatically investing in select ratings that I’ve picked.

It’ll be interesting to see how it continues but might be something worth checking into. I believer there are a few other peer to peer lending apps/sites but haven’t checked them out.

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