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Already thinking of calling it quits : passive_income



Started my journey 8 months ago with one site, added two more last month.

Their growth is nice and promise well, I just keep thinking it doesn’t worth the efforts.

Site one didn’t make any money out of a few months of Adsense ($20) and amazon links have brought in $5.
Steady and constant growth, but too slow to make me think those earning will ever hit anywhere significant (with my small resources).

In a nutshell, I barely have the resources to keep up with them.

My main job takes up most of the time, plus I’m learning how to develop app because that’s what I’d like to though in the near future.

I’ve been able to work on my sites in breaks between clients’ projects, but never really while I have active projects going on. And due to low money in my accounts, I decided to focus more on always having a few clients’ projects active.

So far I’ve been doing everything alone, because there’s no budget to pay anyone else (I even tried this, but it was a disaster – twice). Using AI content tools.

Even with AI tools, in order to keep a decent pace I would need to put at least 20-30 hours/month.

I’m paid $50/hr, so 20×50 = $1k month invested of my efforts into these projects.
Plus approx. $80 in hostings/domains, $45 in AI tool.
Total of approx. $11xx in monthly expenses.

I’ve started these projects aiming at some recurrent monthly earnings and a quick flip to raise a few thousands of budget for future ventures (in my mind, I’ve been aspiring to 30k all sites sold).

Obviously at the moment they’re making nothing… and even though there’s lot of content, bespoken domain, everything well set up… I’m not sure If I can sell them for something significant.

That said, I’m just demotivated.

I don’t enjoy the topics nor producing content, I’ve been doing it just out of discipline.
And even keep going, numbers considered, I don’t think I’ll ever have a real ROI out of them.

Thinking of calling it quits already and free up lots of mental energy/time to dedicate to the other things.

I guess this post is just to share my experience and how I feel about this business model, and to know if any of you has some advice or anecdotes to share.



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