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The 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Niches on ClickBank in 2022 (Exclusive Data!)



It’s an age-old question: “What are the best affiliate marketing niches?”

Of course, this question is just another way of asking, “Which niche is the easiest one for me to start making money in?”

Well, there’s good news: As a top affiliate network with a thriving affiliate marketplace, ClickBank has a LOT of exclusive and actionable data on which affiliate niches are thriving right now!

So, let’s answer this common question on the top niches with ClickBank-exclusive, hot-off-the-presses data about the 10 best niches in affiliate marketing!

Top 10 ClickBank Niches (2022 Update!)

We originally published this post with 3 top affiliate marketing niches on ClickBank’s marketplace (which you can still see at the end of the article).

But since 2021, our business intelligence team generated BRAND-NEW data focused on the highest-grossing product categories on ClickBank!

There’s a lot of great insights to dig into – so let’s check out the top 10 ClickBank niches in 2022!

  1. Dietary Supplements
  2. Diets & Weight Loss
  3. Dental Health
  4. Survival
  5. Women’s Health
  6. Spirituality, New Age, & Alternative Beliefs
  7. Marriage & Relationships
  8. Green Products & Alternative Energy
  9. E-business and E-marketing
  10. Home & Garden

1) Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplements

It seems like affiliates can do no wrong with dietary supplements! This is a niche encompassing fat burning, general weight loss, blood sugar support, muscle growth, and a whole lot more.

Here are a few reasons why supplements do so well in affiliate marketing:

  • They have strong margins built-in, which allows top affiliates the ability to promote them using paid media like Facebook or native.
  • The average payout value for many supplements s in the triple digits ($100+), which means decent profits upfront without hoping for rebills.
  • There’s always going to be demand for supplements from people looking to get healthier or lose weight.

On the ClickBank marketplace, some of our top dietary supplement products include Organifi, Flat Belly Tonic, Biofit, and Exipure. See more examples in our best supplement affiliate programs post.

2) Diets & Weight Loss

Diets & Weight Loss
Diets & Weight Loss

Similar to the supplements niche, we have a diets & weight loss category on ClickBank’s marketplace. This niche encompasses the weight loss products that are NOT supplements. Think digital courses or ebooks covering weight loss, diets, exercise programs, and other health and fitness topics – as well as

Some of the more popular ones are digital courses or ebooks featuring diets, exercise programs, and other health and fitness advice. This category also includes other types of consumables, such as weight loss drops.

If you’re interested in promoting health and wellness products, you’ll have plenty to choose from – just know that this is one of the biggest and most competitive industries out there.

A few of the most popular diets & weight loss products on ClickBank include the Custom Keto Diet, The Smoothie Diet, and Eat Stop Eat. See more examples on ClickBank in our best weight loss affiliate programs post.

3) Dental Health

Dental health
Dental health

Health products are often lumped all together in one niche, but health and fitness is such a big category that even the dental health sub-niche is a massive category in its own right.

You can find a lot of quality dental health products on ClickBank – and we often suggest it to anyone who might shy away from the broader health and fitness niche. That’s the dental health space offers lower competition, but still enjoys strong demand and healthy margins.

Popular dental health products on ClickBank include Steel Bite Pro, Dentitox, and G-Force Teeth & Gums. (These specific offers are dental health drops/supplements.)

4) Survival


Next up is the survival (aka prepper or doomsday) niche. This product category is intended for consumers who want to be prepared for everything from natural disasters, wars, market crashes, or resource shortages.

Survival products tend to resonate with people who want to protect their loved ones. And whether you think of this as good or bad, the timing for survival couldn’t be better, thanks to COVID-19, inflation, and geopolitical conflicts. You can bet there’s a big survival market right now

In terms of characteristics, survival audiences are usually more conservative. This pairs well with related political products. Some popular ClickBank survival offers include the Trump 2020 Coin, The Lost Ways, and The Backyard Miracle Farm. See more examples in our best survival affiliate programs post.

5) Women’s Health

Women’s Health
Women’s Health

Are you aware of the MAJOR market for women interested in health and wellness (particularly women aged 40+)?

Older women are a great audience because:

  • They tend to have more disposable income
  • They have (or are worried about) a range of age-related issues
  • They are surprisingly reachable on most online channels

Aside from the obvious weight loss category, there are several other popular product categories that women are interested in, including cellulite, flexibility, osteoporosis, pelvic floor, yeast infections, and fibroids.

Want to get into women’s health products? You can expect the best results on channels like paid ads, email, and blog. On ClickBank, the most popular women’s products include Yogaburn, Stronger Bones Now, and Pelvic Floor Strong.

6) Spirituality, New Age, and Alternative Beliefs

Spirituality, New Age, and Alternative Beliefs
Spirituality, New Age, and Alternative Beliefs

There’s a lot of money to be made in the spirituality, new age, and alternative beliefs niche. This broad category on ClickBank pulls together a lot of different sub-niches, including tarot, astrology, psychics, hypnosis, and Law of Attraction.

People have always been drawn to the mystical, especially if it’s all about them and their abundant future! In some ways, this niche slightly overlaps with the self-help niche, but with a mysterious tilt to it – products are positioned as predicting (or attracting) a positive life outcome, such as love, financial abundance, or self-actualization.

The most popular examples in this niche on ClickBank include Numerologist.com (which features a patented technology allowing personalized video for every customer), Midas Manifestation, and Moon Reading.

7) Marriage & Relationships

Marriage & Relationships
Marriage & Relationships

Who could have predicted that relationships and dating products would be huge online? Well, they are!

Except for the lucky few whose love life is perfect, virtually everyone can be a customer for some kind of relationship product – either to help them find a new one or improve the one they already have!

TIP: On ClickBank, the marriage and relationships sub-niche is found under “Self-Help.”

There are basically four main types of products in the online dating market:

  • Attracting men
  • Attracting women
  • Getting your ex back
  • Saving your marriage

Along with these bigger categories, there are more niche products focused on improving sexual performance and technique, becoming better at text messaging, and various other facets of dating success.

There are a lot of successful marriage and relationship products on ClickBank. The most popular include His Secret Obsession, Mend Your Marriage, and The Ex Factor Guide. See more examples in our post on the top self-help affiliate products.

8) Green Products & Alternative Energy

Green Products & Alternative Energy
Green Products & Alternative Energy

The category of green products and alternative energy includes both green physical products to buy, as well as digital plans for setting up a green situation at home.

A few examples include Backyard Revolution for solar panels, SEPTIFIX for septic tank treatment, Ground Power Generator for backup power, and Build a Container Home for building your own home from a shipping container.

Overall, this is a great area to target buyers who are handy, want to save money, and may be interested in going green or limiting their carbon footprint.

9) E-business and e-marketing

E-business and E-marketing
E-business and E-marketing

There are a LOT of different ways to make money online, and for each tactic or approach, there are countless people actually doing it. Some of those people choose to teach others how it’s done – thus, the booming e-business and e-business niche!

In a nutshell, e-business and e-marketing are a category for people who want to grow their current business income or start a new venture. There many wildly successful products in this niche with step-by-step training on building or marketing an online business, tools to help you grow, and software or systems to solve a problem in your business.

You can see many of them right here on our marketplace: Perpetual Income 365, Recession Profit Secrets, ConversioBot, and even Spark by ClickBank, our own affiliate marketing education program. You can see more examples in our best e-biz affiliate programs post.

10) Home & Garden

Home & Garden
Home & Garden

Last but not least, we have the surprisingly robust home & garden category that includes three massive sub-niches: woodworking, pets, and plants. These are definitely more “niche” than some of the other categories in the list, but the people who are into woodworking or pets are REALLY into them!

The most popular home & garden products on ClickBank are Teds Woodworking, Aquaponics 4 U, Brain Training for Dogs, and Ultimate Small Shop. See the full list in our best home and garden affiliate programs post.

3 Best ClickBank Marketing Niches (2021 edition)

Originally published in 2021, we collected original data on the 3 biggest niches on ClickBank.

In fact, our very own Thomas McMahon and Anna Steward were featured speakers at Affiliate Summit East (ASE) 2021, where they presented some exciting NEW information on what’s working best for affiliates in a post-COVID world.

Thomas McMahon and Anna Steward speaking at Affiliate Summit East (ASE) 2021 about the best affiliate marketing niches.
Thomas McMahon and Anna Steward speaking at Affiliate Summit East (ASE) 2021 about the best affiliate marketing niches.

Here were the 3 top ClickBank niches in 2021 that they shared at ASE:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Make Money Online/E-biz
  3. Online Education

With these niches, you can expect big payouts, plenty of demand, and a health dose of competition as well. Read about them below!

1) Health & Fitness Niche

Right off the bat, the most popular niche we’ve been seeing this past year is health and fitness.

There’s an obvious reason: most gyms closed their doors due to the pandemic, but people still wanted to get in shape. (I know this because I was one of them! There’s only so many episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine you can binge watch before you need to do some pushups.)

Many of those interested health and fitness buyers have turned to the web to keep up with their goals. You can see it on ClickBank’s top products blog, with many prominent supplements and workout programs topping the list.

It’s easy to assume that this niche is just about helping people lose weight, but there’s a LOT more to it than just weight loss! We see successful offers on everything from back pain relief to stretching exercises.

As for the numbers, check this out:

  • The health and fitness niche saw 72.4% growth in the past year!
  • Year to date, the average payout on RevShare has been $65.34!
  • Year to date, the average payout on CPA has been $90-130!

Some of the top performers on ClickBank right now include Bioptimizers, Organifi, and Back to Life – but there are all kinds of great offers in the health and fitness niche.

Offers in the health and fitness affiliate marketing niche
Health and fitness niche offers.

Oh, and there’s another myth about health and fitness that we should dispel: the idea that they only sell well in Q1, coinciding with New Year’s resolutions.

Believe it or not, ClickBank saw higher gross sales on our marketplace starting in May of 2020 and all the way through the end of summer than what we saw in Q1. But even in normal (non-COVID) years, health and fitness offers are evergreen and usually perform well the entire year!

Lastly, understand that you don’t have to be some kind of fitness guru or influencer to enter the health and fitness niche. As long as you can get to know a particular demographic and effectively market them a solution for their pain points, you can make a lot of money and build a great business as an affiliate marketer.

Next Steps for Health and Fitness Affiliates

Well, THAT was a firehose of information! The question is, what should you do if you want to be an affiliate in this space?

To give the health and fitness niche a try, I highly recommend checking out ClickBank’s best supplement affiliate programs for a list of the top supplement offers that are performing well on our marketplace this year!

You can also visit the Health & Fitness offers category in the ClickBank marketplace to see what’s available. Just sign up for a free ClickBank account here to get started! 

2) Make Money Online and E-biz Niches

The next best niche we saw was in the make money online/e-business space.

There was a clear reason for this one too: as people started losing their jobs or getting furloughed, they turned to the internet for opportunities to make money. We can see this with absolute clarity in the following graph, which shows rising unemployment along with a corresponding rise in account signups on ClickBank!

ClickBank account signups versus US unemployment rate.
ClickBank account signups versus US unemployment rate.

During 2020, countless people sought out opportunities to make a living and were willing to learn new skills to find success online.

But it’s not just individuals who were interested in learning more about doing business online. As many brick-and-mortar shops found themselves closed or at reduced capacity, owners and executives had to transition their businesses to e-commerce if they wanted to survive.

Even as many places open back up post-COVID, the events of 2020 are a wakeup call to both entrepreneurs and big brands about the need to have an online presence!

And the numbers bear this out: Growth was up 17% year over year in the MMO and ebiz niche, even with high price points of $1K – $3.5K. People are willing to spend money on their education in order to be successful online.

We see a range of MMO offers that are crushing it on ClickBank, from 12 Minute Affiliate to Kibocode (as well as our own Spark courses on Facebook Ads and email).

Make Money Online affiliate marketing niche offers
Make Money Online and e-business offers.

Next Steps for Make Money Online Affiliates

So, what can you take away from this strong demand for make money online content?

Well, if you have an audience of online marketers, entrepreneurs, affiliates, etc., you have a solid angle for promoting all kinds of MMO and ebiz products, plus the assurance that there’s plenty of interest in these types of offers right now – and likely for the foreseeable future.

One great place to start in this niche is the E-business & E-marketing category on ClickBank’s marketplace. We have plenty of the best affiliate programs in MMO, ready for you to start promoting!

3) Online Education Niche

The third HUGE niche we’ve been watching is the online education space!

More people have been getting comfortable with online learning and distance education over the past decade, and the pandemic simply accelerated this trend. As one of our clients puts it, the pandemic “brought us three or four years into the future” in the realm of ecommerce.

A big part of this shift was traditional education institutions, from high schools to universities – but this movement has come to include all kinds of on-demand courses and certifications!

On ClickBank, we’re seeing it across the board on our marketplace, with standout courses like Rocket Languages, PianoForAll, and our own Spark education platform for learning affiliate marketing.

Online education affiliate marketing niche offers
Online education offers.

With such a substantial boost in interest, the average commission for online education offers on ClickBank has jumped 13% to a current average 47.7%!

Overall, the growth has been impressive as well, with year-over-year sales up 27.8%!

Another important point to consider with courses is that they can be digital products, physical products, or a hybrid digital offer with a physical product.

If your business involves teaching people something – on YouTube videos or a blog, for example – online courses are a fantastic affiliate marketing niche to monetize your content.

Next Steps for Online Education Affiliates

There are a lot of people making good money promoting online education offers.

In fact, one of my favorite ClickBank offers to promote is a course in the music niche, which I promote on my own affiliate website and to my email list.

To get started promoting courses, first note that it’s not quite the same as health and fitness or MMO, because online education encompasses way more than a single niche.

So, you can approach it one of two ways:

  1. Build an audience around a specific demographic, like young men ages 18-35, and then find online education offers that would be interesting to that group (such as crypto or MMO).
  2. Pick a niche of online education offers (such as languages, self-help, or arts & entertainment) to build your business around.

Either way, you’ll find plenty of great offers in ClickBank’s marketplace with high conversions and average payout values!

Now that we’ve covered the top affiliate marketing niches we’re seeing at ClickBank, I wanted to touch on the affiliate landscape for a moment. There were some interesting shifts over the last year that can inform your affiliate marketing strategy!

As you can see in the graph below – courtesy of our friends at Revcontent – mobile traffic volumes leveled out and desktop traffic surged after the pandemic hit!

Why did this happen? Because people transitioned both their work and personal lives online – businesses shifted from in-person to ecommerce, and workers shifted from in-person to working from home. And when everyone had to stay inside, they used their desktop computers a lot more.

But notice that over time, BOTH mobile and desktop traffic increased dramatically, and it’s only come down a little since the peak in January 2021!  

(And then there’s tablet traffic, which barely budged the whole time!)

In addition, mobile had consistent jumps in cost per click (CPC) compared to desktop, but the clickthrough rate (CTR) was better on mobile, suggesting that people engage more with content on mobile than on desktop.

Of course, all of this will vary depending on your affiliate marketing niche – but it’s great to have this information in mind as you decide which affiliate marketing strategy to pursue!

Best Affiliate Marketing Niches Wrap-Up

We hope you enjoyed this snapshot into the best affiliate marketing niches on ClickBank. It’s always nice to have some data to help you make informed decisions in your business.

With that said, I don’t want to make it seem like these are the ONLY niches where you can find success. Just like there’s a lot of competition for top offers with a high gravity score on ClickBank, the hottest niches will also tend to have a lot of competition – so it’s not a bad thing if you’d rather focus on a narrower product category like gardening supplies or BBQ recipes.

But if you find yourself uniquely suited to any of these niches – from dietary supplements to home & garden – then at least you know you’re starting from a place with real demand. In the end, as an affiliate marketer, you don’t need a very big piece of a HUGE pie to have a successful affiliate business!

Choosing Your Affiliate Marketing Niche

If you’re struggling to find the right niche or choose affiliate products to promote in your business, or you want a little more help figuring out how to get started, there’s a great opportunity for you! It’s called Spark by ClickBank, and it’s the official ClickBank affiliate marketing education program.

It’s taught by full-time ClickBank employees who know the affiliate marketing world inside and out, plus trusted experts like Perry Belcher, Robby Blanchard, Ian Stanley, and more!

Click the banner below to try Spark for free!


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