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It’s not happening. I don’t say that to be mean, it’s just not how passive income works. You have to create passive income, it’s not something you just jump into and do.

That said, If you got a car I would say the best job for you is DoorDash, you can work your own hours, and are your own boss. I was making $20-$30 an hour. You can make $1000 in about 50 hours a month. Most people work that a week so it’s not passive but 10-15 hours a week would get you $1000.

Obviously you would need to worry about taking taxes out and keeping up the car. Gas is going up but that just mean you take orders that are a couple dollars more or work an extra hour, not a big deal really, just need to adjust.

With whatever you do, I’m sure you will make it. This is the time of your life when you will figure a lot of things out for yourself and if you are already trying to set yourself up that’s a good thing. It might not be possible right now but eventually it will be and I’m sure you will be able to take advantage of those opportunities when they come and you are ready.

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