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Hey do you want to partnership with Torleado & keep 80% of the revenue through your blog post?


Exploring the idea of blog partnership.

The idea is simple.

You get to own a blog post on our website. That means, you write, you edit, and guess what? You get to keep 80% of the REVENUE not even profit generated by your blog.

I don't care how heavy your blog is, what you write, its yours.

If you like the idea, we can discuss more.


– Need tools to figure revenue generated page wise. I'm sure there will be some.

How is this better than starting your own blog?

  1. We take care of maintenance (Torleado is hosted on DigitalOcean & powered by Ghost <3)
  2. You get free traffic from blog posts that are already on our website. People tend to wander around so it's not necessary they discover your blog through Google.
  3. You don't want the headache of maintaining a blog, monthly fees, coming up with hundreds of topics every damn day to keep the blog alive.

Ideal candidate for this partnership

– I don't know jackshit about hosting, let me blog in peace.

– I want to practice writing and build my portfolio.

– I exploring a new career, business and want to experiment with my ideas.

What you get?

– 80% of revenue through that blog post

– Access to Ghost (I can send invites, but there's some issue with https, we will figure this out)

– Your author bio (feel free to add backlinks) or build a personal brand through us

– Access to Google Analytics

– Add your affiliate links and do whatever you want to do with that money, we don't want a cut.

– Say over how many ads can be displayed on your blog, and where

Let me know what you think about this idea, is it stupid? is it good? too many problems? sounds shady?

Whatever it is, let me know!!

How is the partnership termination handled?

Simple, we delete your blog and suffer through the traffic loss. 🙁

Happy to discuss and build something TOGETHER!!!

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