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I’m looking for some passive income streams. To clarify, not a side-gig or a consulting kinda position, but a proper passive income stream.

I’ve considered the following:

  • Writing a e-book: I’m not a writer, tried it multiple times. Even though I have multiple different topics I have a lot of expertise and information about, I just don’t know how to pen down my thoughts

  • Affiliate Marketing: I don’t know what kinda website to create to run affiliate links on :/

  • PoD Store: Not creative to make designs

  • Subscription Website: Not sure what kinda website content to provide because I’m not creative to write regularly or to provide anything else creative

  • Sell ̛Images/Videos/Courses/Designs: Not creative so can’t design. Plus I have ADD so can’t focus on creating a course because it takes a lot of thinking and planning

So essentially I’d love some help/advice on:

  • How I could write a e-book when I can’t really write myself (aren’t ghost writers expensive?)

  • Any suggestions on the website I can create for affiliate marketing?

  • PoD store: How to find some good designs and niches

  • Subscription Website: Again need suggestions on the content

  • Selling digital content: Thoughts on how I can create this given I can’t really generally do it myself

I know how to build and develop websites and could probably do some basic app building too

Essentially I have the skillset/knowledge for a lot of passive income streams, I just don’t have the ideas about the topics that I would use.

Edit: book -> e-book

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