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So I’ve been with this Walmart automation company for a couple months now. I agreed to their 30K 55%/45% split contract. So far they’re doing alright and I’m getting 6K net profit per month at the moment. However, from what I’ve seen those numbers aren’t good enough. I’ve seen plenty of stores hitting 10K+ a month. I want to start making passive income as soon as possible. They promised 6-12 months ROI which I am really impatience of. Can anyone please help me with tips on improving my sales or anything?

Keep in note: I have plenty of capital (100K Limit) I am enrolled in about 5 software subscriptions such as Informed. I am even buy box boosted. I’m not sure what else I could do better!

The company I am with also offered me a Facebook Store for 20K which offers 4K net profit per month. Is that worth it? I don’t know if I should invest in that store yet until my Walmart makes me some money.

Would hiring another VA/Product Researcher have any benefit? Does anyone know the best company for this type of service? I want to have my store making 10K net plus like everyone else.

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