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Just How Good Is This AI Assistant REALLY?


Writesonic is near the top of the ranked AI writing assistants, according to LinkedIn. High praise indeed! In this Writesonic review, we’ll look at how this product performs with a few test cases.  

Writesonic says it can generate high-quality “human-level blog posts, landing pages, emails, product descriptions, digital ads and more, in seconds.”

It claims that the AI has been trained to know what converts and how to generate copy that audiences respond to favorably. 

Writesonic delivers a whole lot of features to explore, so let’s see how well it does.

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Writesonic AI greatly simplifies content creation, and it’s perfect for users who aren’t technically savvy. It’s an excellent writing platform and with Writesonic’s amazing features, you can generate both marketing content as well as long-form content fast. Try Writesonic For Free Right Here


  • Short learning curve.
  • Easy to create marketing content.
  • Copy sounds like it’s written by a human.


  • Can be quite expensive for writers starting out.
  • High research-based articles are unreliable.
  • No tool to specify writing tone.
  • Can’t edit an article inside the tool, it must be exported first.

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic was developed simply because its founder, Samanyou Garg, was struggling to get his copy off the ground in time to hit his deadlines. He looked around and couldn’t find anything that exactly matched his needs, so he just went ahead and designed his own AI writing assistant! 

According to Crunchbase, its founder raised pre-seed funding of $125K, all from Y Combinator. Launched in January 2021, it has eight employees, and the many positive LinkedIn user reviews are encouraging.  

Writesonic claims that “anyone can be a writer.” That’s pushing it a bit.

However, with Writesonic, anyone who wants to write a blog post, marketing copy, and social media text effortlessly certainly can, and in 24 languages.

Writesonic, like most AI writers, is powered by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory, and their revolutionary Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) technology.

Just in case you didn’t know, GPT-3 is stronger and better at creating content with any form of language structure than anything else available, so your writing is in good hands, so to speak. 

Who is The Tool Best For?

Writesonic is an AI writing tool biased towards marketing with several options and extended features. It is excellent for business-related content, marketing for start-ups, eCommerce, and agencies. 

Writesonic is excellent at writing short marketing content like Facebook ads and social media content, memorable copy for websites, etc. But you do need to edit before publishing the content.

However, it makes your content creation process fast and easy.

There are numerous options to choose from, whether writing a short blog post, using the article rewriter, or writing new headlines and descriptions. Writesonic can turn ideas into topics, outlines, and real blog content to grab the audience’s attention.

This is a very powerful and helpful tool for all content creators.

Writesonic is an AI copywriting tool with tons of great features that will get your productivity up and running. If you’re fresh out of ideas (the dreaded “writer’s block”), just a few words in one of the content generators will get you a stream of options to get you going.

So, let’s put Writesonic to the test and see just how good it really is.

How to Use Writesonic

This is a really easy platform to use, and it looks good too.  

Once you have signed up, a page opens with all the features clearly laid out. The screenshot below shows just a few of the options available.  

Writesonic features

I decided to try “Article and Blogs” for this Writesonic review and clicked on it. A new window opened with more focused options. I chose the “AI Article Writer.”

Writesonic AI Article Writer

Another page opened and displayed a neatly laid out page with four distinct steps: 

  1. Come up with Ideas 
  2. Generate an Intro 
  3. Get an Outline 
  4. Generate your Draft Outline 


Writesonic Article Writer steps

So far, so good. Getting this far couldn’t be easier. Now for the real test. Before starting, I wanted to see how easy it is to follow instructions.

I wasn’t disappointed. The information is friendly and well written, and there are plenty of detailed video tutorials on the site to get the best out of the software.

I’m interested in animal conservation and, in particular, “What happens to wild animals forced to survive in urban areas.” Click on “Generate Ideas,” and you’ll be presented with a list of ideas as per the screenshot below. 

Writesonic Article Writer ideas

I selected “The Methods Animals Use to Survive in Urban Areas” as per the red arrow. My article needed to be quite scholarly, so I was keen to see how the AI would perform. Step two gave me a detailed list of intros.

Writesonic Article Writer intros

Step 3 gave me a list of outlines to choose from. 

Writesonic Article Writer outlines

I clicked on the one that seemed most suitable to generate an article on my topic with a fair amount of seriousness.

Within seconds, a 1,000-word document appeared. Most of the sentences read fluently and really did sound like a human wrote them.

But the information was a bit thin, rather simplistic, and the sentences were repetitive. To make it more readable, one would have had to edit and add quite a lot of text. But it did get the article going, so it saved a considerable amount of time.

Then I used a tool called “Sentence Expander” from the list of options available and selected one sentence to test it. Not bad at all; the article immediately improved.

I played around with quite a few features and found the software fun to use and quite easy to follow.

To test the AI writer further, I generated three more articles and then used different sections from these articles to test grammar and plagiarism. 

There is one function in particular that I wish Writesonic would have had, and that is the option to choose the style of an article it generates.

For example, should it be casual, scholarly, academic, or written for three-year-old children, and so on. Writesonic didn’t give me this option, so the test article had a rather casual tone.

With the “Sentence Expander,” I could bring it to a more academic level – sentence by sentence – but that’s more work than it’s worth. 

Once you’re done with your article, you can simply export it for further editing. The article generator would have done 90% of the work. 

Grammar and Spelling

Writesonic claims that it has grammar and spelling checks included in the software. I selected about 450 words from the generated content and put it to the test using Grammarly. 

A quick check of the generated copy without making any corrections or using any suggestions gave me a score of 83. That’s not bad, but the content clearly still needed some work.

Grammarly score - Writesonic review


As with the grammar and spelling checks, Writesonic also claims that the generated text is plagiarism-free. Putting the generated content to the test on Grammarly, it got 5% which isn’t bad at all.

However, the longer the work, the more plagiarism results were returned.

Grammarly plagiarism - Writesonic review


This is a difficult one to quantify. It depends on what you write about and what you put in the “Article Title.” You must be pretty specific, or the generated outlines will be far too general. 

There isn’t an AI writing assistant out there that can guarantee accuracy or fact check – yet. 

Having said that, Writesonic generates pretty good content, but you really should check for accuracy before you publish.

Key Features

Writesonic is a handy writer tool with a lot of features such as:

  • Website content like landing pages, Feature to Benefit, headers, and SEO meta descriptions
  • Digital ads copy – Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads 
  • Articles/blogs – AI article writer, blog post ideas, outlines, and intros
  • Content rephraser and expander
  • Article summaries
  • Grammar fixer
  • Readability checker
  • eCommerce copy for Amazon
  • Sales emails
  • Copywriting formulas such as PAS (Pain-Agitate-Solution) and AIDA
  • Press releases, company and personal bios, and YouTube video copy

Writesonic Review

Writesonic is a relatively new product, and except for Jarvis AI (now called Jasper), holds its own against pretty intense competition with other AI content writing generators.

This is a solid product that is worth considering to see how it fits into your content marketing strategy as a whole.

Writesonic has a strong community and proactive customer support. Looking at several other reviews, the conclusive opinion from 98% of users is that the tool is excellent.

The ease of use is 10/10, making the learning curve extremely mild and cutting expensive training time.

I enjoyed my experience with Writesonic. It’s an AI writer most writers will find helpful to get content out there – fast. Accuracy and truthfulness are challenging to evaluate and could depend on the topic, but from the short articles I wrote as a test, it’s not bad at all. 

In addition to the long-form editor, I also tested the Copywriting and Product Description tools and found both good and useful. 

All in all, I like Writesonic; it’s perfect for getting rid of writer’s block and inspiring you to increase your productivity. Try the free version and see for yourself!

Try Writesonic For Free Right Here

Get Writesonic For Free Here

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic pricing uses a credit system. With the Basic package, you get 75 credits for $15/m, which sounds good, but it isn’t easy to work out how many credits you’ll use for each task.

The Professional, Startup, and Agency packages (at $45/m, $95/m, and $195/m, respectively) have unlimited credits.

The yearly pricing option is less expensive and, in effect, gives you two months free.

Writesonic offers a free trial option with ten credits so you can try the software out for yourself.

Writesonic Alternatives

If you’re curious about AI writing assistants, check out the list of alternatives below. 

Jarvis (now called Jasper) 

Jasper is one of the top AI writing tools available, with many more features than you’ll get with Writesonic. We have a review about Jasper you can check out as well.

It can generate any type of content you want. It also analyzes and mimics your writing style, or if you want to write like someone else, the Jasper AI writer will flavor your style to create engaging and authentic content.

And with its Boss Mode feature, you can write anything from a blog post to a book in the long-form editor.

Try Jasper Here


With more than 70 tools, CopyAI has a much more extensive library of features. We also have a CopyAI review where you can learn more about it.

You can generate content from scratch or draw from its extensive library, making it a helpful alternative for creating:

  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Digital ads copy, and
  • Sales emails.

Try CopyAI Here


Rytr doesn’t overwhelm you with tons of features you’ll never use. It’s an AI Writing Tool that generates engaging content in seconds, analyzes your text, and delivers personalized marketing material in real-time.

We have a Rytr review with more information on this writing tool.

Try Rytr Today


If you own a website and are looking to speed up your marketing copy and content writing, then you should seriously consider Writesonic. 

With lots of copywriting features, you will never be stuck for new ideas.

But Writesonic is more than just an AI copywriting tool. It has extensive blog post writing capabilities. In fact, this is the area where it shines.

Using the AI article writer, you just provide a blog post topic description, and the tool will present you with a list of titles for your blog post, a selection of intros, and outlines. And once you have selected an outline, you can go ahead and generate a whole blog post!

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