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Small Crypto Passive Income: Hi Token : passive_income


I’ve been dipping my toes into crypto and don’t have a ton of experience, but I just came across Hi coin. They are still in private beta or something so you have to use a referral link to join. Mine is DA979 but if you look up articles about it you can totally find and use someone else’s. You can earn one Hi Token every day by answering a question, the one I answered today was a multiple choice answer to “how did you hear about us?”. I downloaded the app onto my phone, super easy to make an account you just want to have your Driver’s license or another identifying document handy. Hi is valued at 25 cents right now, it dropped from $1.30ish during the big crypto dip in January. I didn’t have to put any money in, and the rewards for answering cannot be claimed for 1 year but with no real risk I’m interested to see where it goes.

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