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Tailwindapp for Pinterest – Best Pinterest Marketing Tool!


Want to dominate Pinterest marketing and drive organic traffic to your site without spending a dime or trading hours to a day? Then you must need Tailwindapp for Pinterest!

I often get asked about Tailwind: is it worth your money does it actually help you grow your Pinterest traffic and also how to actually use Tailwind?

I know it might be intimidating when you try to use Tailwind first time with so many additional terms and features. You have to learn in addition to figuring out all the Pinterest marketing things like Tailwind Tribes, Tailwind Smart Loop, etc.

Hence, here I will let you know all about using Tailwindapp for Pinterest and you will understand how it is worth the investment with a great return.

I will also explain to you how to avoid getting your account in trouble with Pinterest spam filters when you use it too.

If you use Tailwind without knowing this, you can end up saving too many pins add to the same post in one day, and fixing the mess in Tailwind often takes a lot of time. So pay attention to what I’m about to clarify.

Tailwind App is the best pin scheduler for Pinterest and the most efficient way to drive traffic to your website, blog, or online store.

Once you set up it properly, the tailwind is a game-changing scheduling app for Pinterest, you can easily set up a week’s or month’s worth of traffic-driving Pins in an hour.

But first, you have to understand how to get the most from Tailwind, so here is your step by step tutorial for you. The ultimate guide for understanding and growing your Pinterest traffic.

Before going further please note:-

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links as I am an Affiliate Partner with Tailwind and You and Me both will get 1 month FREE Pro Subscription worth $15 where you get Done For You Designs personalized designs
for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, Smart Pin Scheduling, Insights Reports, and all pro features explained below…

Now dive into the step by step learning…

What is Tailwind for Pinterest? :-

Tailwind App is the full-featured Pinterest Marketing toolkit for small businesses, bloggers, and eCommerce store owners.

This Pinterest pin scheduler is the best-optimized tool to drive traffic, leads, and sales to a website, blog or store from Pinterest – with fewer efforts, time, and money.

When I was pinning my content to Pinterest manually – I had to spend more than 2 hours daily, and getting only 20%-30% results in comparison to using Tailwind App which takes only 5-6 hours in a month.

The best part of this Pinterest pin scheduler is that you won’t need to find time daily 2-3 hours to post Pins. You just need to spend a few hours in a week or month for scheduling pins with Tailwind for Pinterest.

And this app will post for you every day, at the best time when Pinterest gets lots of engagements.

Apart from this, Tailwind has analytics features in which you can understand how and which pin post is working well and which aren’t. So that you can create more similar kinds of pins people are interacting with, and can improve which are not doing well.

10 Reason You Should Use Tailwind for Pinterest:-

The main problem Tailwind is solving for you, saving your own pins on multiple boards on Pinterest.
Second is saving pins of other people to keep your boards active. so here is 10 reason you should use Tailwind for Pinterest.

  1. When you don’t have enough of your own content or you just have a couple of pages related to a specific topic and you still have to keep your boards active, That’s when the third-party content comes into play with this tool. 
  2. One more thing you might be not realizing about Pinterest as a beginner is that you don’t post on this platform just once a day or even twice a day. pinning 10-30 a day or even higher than this is a very common practice on Pinterest.
  3. Keeping up with this pace of pinning and doing all of this manually can easily become a full-time job unless you won’t find a smarter way.
  4. Actually, Tailwind is a super-robot working tirelessly in the background for your business, and make your time free for focusing on higher priority tasks.
  5. This is not only a Pinterest pin scheduler which schedules your pins in advance but also bundled with many other features, such as Tailwind Tribes (just like a Pinterest group board, niche-specific) and Smart Loops, Pin Inspector, etc.
  6. Pinterest is unique among social media platforms in that you have multiple boards to share your content. Pinterest allows us to post Pins to multiple boards! But who has time to do that, let alone figure out which one you saved to last?
  7. You could use a tool that’s designed for Facebook and Twitter, and schedule your Pins to one board at a time… over… and over… and over.
  8. Or you can utilize Tailwind Pro-Features, and schedule one Pin to multiple boards that makes sense, spacing them out at a day, a week, or whatever interval you choose.
  9. The most important thing you need to know about Tailwind is that it’s an official Pinterest partner. which clears your doubt of being banned from Pinterest for using an untrusted automation tool.
  10. Tailwind follows all Pinterest standards and policies to keep your account safe and growing. There are a few other authorized scheduling tools that work for Pinterest but Tailwind is the most comprehensive and it seems like Pinterest works with Tailwind pretty closely to make sure that all the new features are in line with Pinterest spam policy.

You also have permission to connect many Pinterest accounts to your Tailwind Dashboard. And Every time you add a new account you will get a Free Trial plan. At any stage, you can upgrade this basic plan to the Plus plan.

“It is the best investment we have ever made in terms of time saving and organizational tools. We love it.” Yellow Tuxedo

How to Work Tailwind For Pinterest?

You should use Tailwind to save a ton of time promoting your content on Pinterest. It’s a supercharged pro tool for Pinterest Marketing. Tailwind’s Pinterest marketing tool does all this for you…

  • Schedules your all posts for weeks or months.
  • Posts at the best engaging time.
  • Repin your pins at an interval you choose.
  • Pin your content to multiple boards at once.
  • Discovers other’s relevant content you can share.
  • Connects with other Pinners by joining Niche Tribes.
  • Monitors all conversations on your content.
  • And analyses your results!

If you are a serious online marketer or blogger then I highly recommend trying Tailwind for Pinterest. and Schedule and publish 100 Pins free! and see amazing results yourself. Also, Schedule 400 pins in a month using my Invitation Link for Tailwind when you upgrade to the Plus plan.

Save 50% when you choose an annual Tailwind Plan

You need not provide any login details Tailwind! Just connect or link your Pinterest Account with it.

Tailwind will automatically analyze your account details, Tailwind tracks the best times for engagement with your audience. And the tool suggests the smart time slots when you should pin more often according to your niche, country, and board types.

Just select the number of Pins you want to schedule a day – like 5, 20, or 100!
Also, You can remove 400 pins a month limitation with Plus plan, and schedule unlimited numbers of pins if you pay annually.

How to connect Pinterest to Tailwind?

Tailwind is an official marketing partner of Pinterest, so you no need to provide your Pinterest login info.

When You first time starts using Tailwind, just follow the prompts “Give Access” and connect your Pinterest account with Tailwind automatically, and boom it’s done.

Want to add multiple Pinterest account With Tailwind?

If you want to connect more than one Pinterest Account With Tailwind App, then follow these steps on the desktop web version of Pinterest, and make sure you already logged in to your account.

  • Step1:- Go to the top right-hand navigation gear and select Account Setting option
  • Step2:- Click the “+ Add New Account” button on the left side just above your existing account.
  • Step3:- Select Pinterest & Authorize your Tailwind App for access. 

 And now it is done. you can start using tailwind to your multiple Pinterest Account.

How to Schedule Pins on Tailwind for Pinterest?

Therefore You have 3 options to schedule Pins to your Pinterest Account:

  1. Schedule Existing Pins from Pinterest.
  2. Schedule pins from your website.
  3. Upload Fresh Pins directly into Tailwind App.

The fastest way is to add the Tailwind extension to your browser.

then just click it, and you easily can add as many Pins as you wish from any page or site.

Or, you can schedule a pin via Pinterest “Save” button option on the website. Then click the Tailwind icon instead of Saving to a Pinterest board directly.

After that, in the below window the Pin image will be shown, add all the relevant boards that make sense for this Pin. Pinterest itself recommends you post to the most relevant boards first.

Check or rewrite the Pin the description perfectly which contains Searchable keywords, and eye-catching points for getting more engagement.

What Are The Tailwind Tribes & How it Works?

Tailwind Tribes means groups of like-minded people who use Tailwind for Pinterest who belong from the same niche and band together for sharing each others’ content.

When you save third-party pins from Pinterest manually, there is a serious risk of saving some stolen pins. It’s really hard to verify the source of every image before repinning it.

Since Tailwind Tribes are moderated manually by admins of the Tribes, spammers usually don’t get into Tribes. Which means that the majority of pins and Tribes are safe for pinning

Tailwind Tribes collaboration, helps every tailwind tribe user to enjoy a continuous stream of relevant niche-specific content from people they trust, also it saves lots of time while improving the quality of the content they share.

Also, when Tribemates share each other’s content regularly, they all get great exposure to relevant new engaging audiences. so It’s a win-win situation for all.

And the best part of it. It’s free to get started.


  • Boost Website Rank & Pinterest Reach with Tailwind Tribes

What is Tailwind SmartLoop?

Tailwind SmartLoop is a smart way to re-share your best Pinterest groups Pins at the best times for engagement!
Tailwind Smart Loop allows you to save the same pin to the boards you selected over and over again but within healthy anti-spam limits with Pinterest and tell when figured out between each other and they set this as a default in the future.

Tailwind using SmartLoop for two types of content:-

  1. Seasonal Pins:- which you need to re-share once or maybe twice a year so this way you don’t have to remember about those old pins and search for them in your Pinterest account because it was so a long time ago and it’s hard to find them. You can set those seasonal pins in the loop once you save them the first time and they will be Re-shard the next time your season comes. 
  2. Evergreen Loops:- Using SmartLoop you can re-share your best performing old pins over and over again. You need it because you want to show your old pins to your new followers. And Pinterest and tailwind recommend doing this not more than once in every three to six months. 

So if you were worried about going against Pinterest spam policy when you’re saving the same pin to the same boards more than once just use the tailwind smart loop.

When you use Tailwind SmartLoops, it will show you the default settings since the tailwind is an authorized scheduler their team already got all the necessary approvals from Pinterest.

And if you set your pins in the smart loop tailwind will show you a warning which explains that you shouldn’t save the same pin to the same board

Here is how this Tailwind SmartLoops help you:-

  • Just Add your Pins to SmartLoop once and they’ll re-circulate it indefinitely.
  • You can set a loop to Pin year-round as well as within a season you specify.
  • You can check everything about you’re Pinning with Tailwind’s intuitive calendar.
  • Customize pins limits to ensure that you’re not spamming or breaking Group Board rules.
  • Know what’s working & check your performance with detailed stats on each Pin.

Tailwind worked closely with Pinterest to develop looping that really works – without breaking any Pinterest rules!

It’s really all about time vs money, and your own business goals. As long as the group boards don’t have strict rules like “1 Pin per day,” add them to your board lists.

Always create a board list for each and every type of content with your niche, and place the most relevant, best-performing boards first. add your own group boards first then others. At last, add other more general and less performing group boards as well.

While using SmartLoop, set board rules so that you don’t over-share to group boards that have daily Pin limits.

Tailwind App can be used for quickly determining how many Pins you’ve already added to a group board to a specific date range.

And, you also can determine how your group’s members performing overall in any group board, or how your own Pins doing in the boards.

Learn More:-  

How to Grow Pinterest Reach with Tailwind Analytics

I’ve found Tailwind’s analytics to be much more robust than the stats I can find on Pinterest.

First off, Tailwind’s weekly summary dashboard shows you how your account performed compared to the week before.

It calculates how often your pins got re-pinned, how many numbers of followers you gained, and how many comments your account has received. It shows overall profile growth overtime on your Profile Performance page.

If you navigate to Board Insights, you can see a birds-eye view of your boards’ engagement stats and vitality scores.

You’ll also see the trending images for the last 30 days, so you can quickly determine exactly what’s hot now. Under Board Insights, you’ll see…

  • the latest Pins saved from your site
  • word cloud of the most popular words in their descriptions.
  • Referral Traffic displays 7 or 30-day graphs of visits, visitors, and page-views.
  • Tailwind’s Pin Inspector shows you the repins on each pin added to each board
  • number of Pins are saved from your website.
  • impressions of visits you’re getting from Pinterest.

Yeah, it’s pretty much endless. And all included in the Plus plan. This all detailed info helps you determine what your audience loves and wants to see more of – and what are they neglecting.

Pinterest Board Engagement Stats on Tailwind

This is especially helpful for seeing which are performing best, and which you should consider removing. This goes for group boards as well.

As each of your boards is ranked by its level of engagement. If you have a board that isn’t performing well, it could be bringing down your account’s overall quality ranking in the eyes of Pinterest.

That means Pinterest would be less likely to organically share your pins on the feed. And nobody wants that!
Give each board some time, but if one really isn’t getting many re-pins, you may want to remove it.

With Tailwind’s Pin Inspector, You can filter it down to the individual pin level by your own website’s pins, and see how each one is performing. You can even take action on the pin: reschedule it, add it to your Tribes, add it to a SmartLoop, or find similar content.

One last point: Pinterest likes to see users actively engaging with their platform, so I recommend spending a little time each week manually pinning if you can.

But Tailwind allows you to spend much less time on the platform while making it possible to grow your account and your reach even more.

Tailwind provides additional analytics about the performance of your Pinterest account.
such as you cannot track your following number in Pinterest native analytics. You can only see the latest following number but you cannot see how your following was growing over time.

And so there are other also other metrics which you will not find on the Pinterest platform in their native analytics. You can track individual pin analytics on tailwind…

Optimize Content Tab >> Pin Insights…

  • Best-Performing Pins with date & time
  • Number of re-pinned
  • Re-schedule the pin to boards, tribes
  • Find Similar Content

Tailwind Analytics Monitors your Domain tab too, which shows you potential impressions on your website as you pinned content from your domain. You can also see the latest pins that link to your website from other users.

Importance of Tailwind App for Small Business Owners!

There are many reasons why Tailwind is so powerful for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. You can schedule pins at optimal times so you don’t have to be on Pinterest when you don’t want to be, so you can enjoy your time freedom.
It determines the best times for you to pin based on when your audience is typically online, and it queues up pins that you select. That way, you can pin during the best times (when your followers are on the platform) without being on Pinterest at all hours of the night.

So by using this tool, you can save lots of quality time for your business which can be used for other productive activities.

Also, you can automate your social media marketing on Pinterest, and get super targeted traffic to your website which helps to improve website ranking in google. Tailwind does this all for you…

  • It increases your reach & traffic on Pinterest by incentivizing other pinners to share your pins
  • It saves you time by making it easy to find content to share using third-party content from other tailwind users.
  • You can easily loop your pins and schedule intervals to re-share your content without spamming
  • You can track which pins you’ve already pinned to your own boards & your group boards.
  • You can view your schedule and move pins around the year easily.
  • You can shuffle your pins, which is helpful especially when if you like to batch your pin a lot, and this can spread your pins in a different time slot.
  • If you hover over a pin, you can see exactly which board it’s scheduled to pin to, and at what time.
  • While scheduling a pin, you can select a custom time as well, share it with your tribes, add SmartLoops.

What is the Pricing of Tailwind for Pinterest?

You can get started with Tailwind for Free forever but limited access. here your free plan includes benefits for you…

  • 1 Pinterest Profile(s)
  • 1 Instagram Profile(s)
  • 1 Facebook Page(s)
  • 20 Posts/mo across
  • Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
  • 20 Post Designs/mo
  • 5 Tailwind Communities
  • Smart.bio Custom Link
  • Basic Analytics
  • 1 user

But if you are a serious bloggers or a online business owners you need the Plus or other upgrade plans. Which includes…

Monthly Tailwind Plans

Tailwind Plus Plan $19.99/Month…

Everything you need to grow your brand

  • 1 Pinterest Profile(s)
  • 1 Instagram Profile(s)
  • 1 Facebook Page(s)
  • 100 Posts/mo across
  • Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
  • 200 Post Designs/mo
  • 5 Tailwind Communities
  • Smart.bio Custom Link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 1 user

Tailwind Advance Plan $39.99/Month…

All Tailwind Plus Plan benefits with Tribe Upgrade extra value-added benefits, Advanced features for growing multiple brands

  • 2 Pinterest Profile(s)
  • 2 Instagram Profile(s)
  • 2 Facebook Page(s)
  • 1,000 Posts/mo across
  • Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
  • Unlimited Post Designs
  • Unlimited Tailwind Communities
  • Smart.bio Custom Link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 2 users

Tailwind Max Unlimited $79.99/Month…

Unlimited access for managing multiple accounts

  • 3 Pinterest Profile(s)
  • 3 Instagram Profile(s)
  • 3 Facebook Page(s)
  • Unlimited across
  • Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
  • Unlimited Post Designs
  • Unlimited Tailwind Communities
  • Smart.bio Custom Link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 5 users

Tailwind Yearly Plan & Pricing:-

Save 50% when you choose an annual Tailwind Plan

Tailwind Plus Plan $119.88…

  • 1 Pinterest Profile(s)
  • 1 Instagram Profile(s)
  • 1 Facebook Page(s)
  • 100 Posts/mo across
  • Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
  • 200 Post Designs/mo
  • 5 Tailwind Communities
  • Smart.bio Custom Link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 1 user

 Tailwind Advance Plan $239.88…

All Tailwind Plus Plan benefits with Tribe Upgrade extra value-added benefits

  • 2 Pinterest Profile(s)
  • 2 Instagram Profile(s)
  • 2 Facebook Page(s)
  • 1,000 Posts/mo across
  • Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
  • Unlimited Post Designs
  • Unlimited Tailwind Communities
  • Smart.bio Custom Link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 2 users

Tailwind Max Plan $479.88…

  • 3 Pinterest Profile(s)
  • 3 Instagram Profile(s)
  • 3 Facebook Page(s)
  • Unlimited across
  • Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
  • Unlimited Post Designs
  • Unlimited Tailwind Communities
  • Smart.bio Custom Link
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 5 users

You only have to pay for what you need! and joining tribes may multiply your Pinterest reach and smart loops keep share your viral pins all year-round.


And the best part of it that Pinterest keeps sending you free traffic and leads if you use Tailwind for Pinterest consistently.

How to Use Pinterest Board Lists in Tailwind App?

Board lists become great time-saver when you want to schedule a pin to multiple boards. I mainly use them for my group boards for saving lots of time and reducing the chance of confusion, but you can use them for your own boards, too.

Instead of scheduling your pin to each board individually, tailwind gives you an option to create a board list of all groups that boards related to a specific niche or topic.

Doing this, you only have to select that one board list’s name once, and they’ll all be selected. you can use board lists to keep track of which pins you’ve already added to your group boards.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Step1:- Start as if you’re about to add a pin to your queue. You can also do this from your drafts.
  • Step2:- Type in your group boards board list, and hit enter.
  • Final Step:- If an orange exclamation mark appears, that means you’ve shared a pin with that link to at least one of the selected boards.

How to Set Interval Scheduling for a Pin

When you do schedule a pin to multiple boards at once, you want to make sure they won’t be pinned all at once. This is especially important for group boards because many boards have a rule that you can only pin a limited number per day.

Here, I  highly recommend using the Interval button. Tailwind creates a repeatable process for you without making your account look spammy. Because it allows you to use intervals.

And if you try to save the same pin manually to several relevant boards on your account and if you’re doing it back-to-back, this can be irritating for your followers, but it can also trigger Pinterest spam filters. And in the worst-case scenario, this can even get your account suspended for spam.

But Tailwind allows you to set intervals between the repeats of the same image and this creates a healthy mix of pins on your profile, and the last click “Schedule now” and you’re done!

Let’s See how to set it, Follow the Steps:-

  • Step1:- Click the Tailwind icon to add a pin to your queue
  • Step2:- Select relevant boards or board list you want to share pin into
  • Step3:- Click ‘Set Interval’
  • Step4:- Select the date & time you want the interval to start
  • Step5:- Choose the number of days to wait before the next time the pin is shared
  • Step6:- Choose if you want the timing to be based on open time slots, optimized (create new time slots), or an exact time
  • Step7:- View the scheduled preview that appears
  • Final Step:- If you’re happy with it, click Set Interval

Don’t close the window without clicking on the “Schedule Now” button, else your Pin will be waiting in your Drafts page.

How to Optimize Your Tailwind Strategy

I personally prefer to save the first pin manually on Pinterest, and make it sure everything was done correctly because sometimes you just do a minor mistake with the pin title or maybe you don’t like how the image looks when it’s already on Pinterest so you can check it out how it will look on Pinterest before you start saving it to multiple other boards.

And the worst-case scenario is when your link is broken and then fixing it with one pin is easy you can fix the link on Pinterest but when you save this pin to multiple boards through tailwind then you have to go manually through all your schedule find all the spins and fix them one by one.

So this is my advice to you, save your first pin manually, recheck all things and correct all errors and mistakes, make sure your post URL working perfectly, after that schedule this pin to multiple boards and tribes.

Test Different Graphics and split test your pins. try to test out multiple variations to see which is doing well with your pins.

Create multiple image designs for each and every product or blog post. Change up with fonts, colors, titles, images, and formats. Try different sizes, but it should be longer than wide.

You Should Share one pin to half of your tribes with the same graphic, and then use a different graphic for other half tribes image but linked it with the same product or post.
After 2 or 3 Days You can find out which pin performs the best and share those pins to your personal boards and group boards.

Tips for Getting More Re-Shares on Tailwind!

  • Share other people’s content & they will share yours 
  • Keep joining engaging and active tribes in your niche.
  • Create quality content and graphics with multiple variations and split test them for finding which is performing best.
  • Do SEO while posting pins, Add searchable keyword, eye-catching description, insert the relevant post, or product URL before sharing it.
  • Keep testing optimal time stots.

When you claim your Tailwind gift worth $15, you gonna get a smart marketing assistant that helps automate your social media designs, scheduling, and analytics. Here’s what’s inside!

  1. Designs Done For You:- In ONE magical click, Tailwind Create transforms your photos into hundreds of optimized, personalized designs for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
  2. Smart Pin Scheduling:- Let Tailwind pick the post times when your audience is already the most engaged to get the most engagement out of every post.
  3. Insights Report:- See what’s working at a glance, without all the extra noise big data platforms bring to the table.
With Tailwind, you can…

  • Visually plan your Instagram feed with built-in Content Plans
  • Confidently optimize each post to stand out with Hashtag Finder
  • Rest easy while Smart.Bio auto-updates your links in the background
  • Get inspired by example posts and mad-lib style caption templates
  • Keep consistent with Auto Post
  • Reach new audiences with over 4,000 Communities
  • And so. much. more!

Come find out why over 700,000 sellers, bloggers, brands, and agencies rely on Tailwind as their visual marketing co-pilot for winning on social media. 

I am sure you will find this post “Tailwind for Pinterest – Pinterest Marketing with Best Pin Scheduler!“valuable & informative. and if this information helped you, make sure to share it with your friend.

Still, you have any question to ask about using Tailwind for Pinterest, please let me know your query in the comment section below, I will try my best that you would find the best solution for your Pinterest marketing problems.

Thanks, and Make it a Great Day.

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