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Boost Website Rank & Pinterest Reach with Tailwind Tribes


Boost Website Rank & Pinterest Reach with Tailwind Tribes a ultimate guide for beginners. Pinterest marketing, Drive organic traffic to your site

Hi, I am Babita and I am going to show you how using Tailwind Tribes can help you find great content quickly and reach the desired audience while creating new and beneficial connections with bloggers and marketers.

website rank with pinterest tailwind tribes

Every blogger and marketer wants to bring organic traffic to his web page so that he can rank his site in search engines and get more sales and leads with his site.

And, Tailwind Tribe can help you get this reach and traffic to your site much faster, with this collaborative marketing tool, you can easily connect with like-minded people.

Plus, pins that are re-pinned through Tailwind tribes are considered ‘new’ pins, as if they have been saved from your website. This tells Pinterest that your content is of high quality and worth sharing.

Regularly sharing strong content from other people to your social media audiences you can both increase your credibility as a content source and increase engagement with your own content.

Another benefit of a Tailwind tribe is if you create & share quality content, Your Pin might be re-shared by power pinners to their much larger audiences. Even Tailwind’s own Pinterest account may share your pins to their large audience.

What is Tailwind Tribes? :-

Tailwind Tribe is a group of like-minded marketers who help each other discover the best new content for their audience all while amplifying the reach of each other’s content.

Anybody can create a tribe, and tribes are centered around individual topics ranging from something broad like healthy recipes, Ireland travel tips for families, Make money online, etc.

Tailwind tribes are similar to a Pinterest group board but even better! Each tribe is a community of pinners in a particular niche or with a shared purpose. For example, there are tribes for Etsy sellers,
bloggers, and all types of online businesses.

Tailwind tribes have some difference from group boards on Pinterest when you
submit your pins to tailwind tribes you’re not actually saving them to
any Pinterest boards.

But, you’re just sharing your pins in communities of content creators just like you, who joined tribes based on the niche or topic, and when you save something to a group board on Pinterest actually is pinned on Pinterest.

You use tribes as you would use group boards: by sharing your own content so others can re-pin it. And, just like for group boards, there’s an expectation that you’ll reciprocate by sharing others’ content from the tribe.

How to Find & Join The Best Tribes On Tailwind?

If you haven’t joined Tailwind yet, you can use your Free Trial to explore tribes in your niche. If you click over to the drop-down menu on the left, you’ll see a tab for Tribes under the Home tab.

The Tribes dashboard has a drop-down menu on the top that shows the Tribes you’ve joined and Under the “Find a Tribe” tab to search for new tribes.


You can join a tribe if it has a lot of engagement. The blue bars next to the tribe’s name will tell you how active the tribe is. Click the ‘preview tribe’ button, and you’ll be able to see its detailed stats on the left-hand side of the screen.

Some Tailwind Tribes are very active some tribes are pretty much dead in some tribes you will see a lot of activities every single day so before you join tribes you can actually see their overall engagement rates. 

Check Activity Graph if the tribe is active enough and if they have good re-pin and re-share metrics. These are good indicators that the tribe is worth joining.

When deciding which tribes to join, consider your niche, and your audience. Often, it’s better to join a smaller tribe that’s more in line with your business than a larger, more generic tribe.

You can even create your own tribe! Invite others in your circle whom you think would be strong contributors.

How do I join exclusive Tailwind Tribes?

You also have an option to “request to join” an exclusive niche-specific tribe. Be sure to include an introduction to yourself and your business. If you don’t feel like waiting, however, there are other ways to find invitations.

Secret tip: you can find a link for most exclusive (‘Request to Join’) Tailwind tribes by Googling the name of the tribe in quotation marks + the words ‘Tailwind tribe’.

Also, you can find invite links, if you’ll find out about the tribe owner/creator. Check out their blog posts related to Tailwind to see if they’ve included a link there.

I was able to find a LOT of tribes invite links using these methods, and it’s quicker than sending a request to join.

But again, no matter how much you use Tailwind or tribes, you won’t be successful if you don’t create quality pins or follow the tribe rules. Nobody likes a spammer!

Tailwind Tribes Reach Stats Analysis:-

When you join a tribe related to your niche you can expect to quickly find highly relevant content that you can share directly with your audience you can also expect to reach new highly relevant audiences as people share your own content.

When you become a member of a Tribe, you can search niche-specific pins using keywords, you can chat with other Tribe members, and view your posted pins from your website to and pinned from the Tribe.

After you’ve been a tribe member for a while, evaluate your stats. See if each tribe has been a good fit for you. You can find this information on the Tribes page, under the tribe’s description.

Tribe Stats may certain types of pins or topics which work better than others in that particular tribe. Look at the content, you’ve shared to see what’s been re-shared the most.
That will give you a good idea of the type of pins you should continue sharing with that tribe.

Fresh content that you submit will appear to the most recent content is always going to be at the top so you never have to waste time searching for something fresh.


How to Share Pin to Tailwind Tribes?:-

While pinning your post via Tailwind to your Tribes, you’ll see a button “Add to Tribes” below to selected pin in the lower right-hand corner.

Always use a keyword-rich description for your post while posting a pin to Tribes so that other tribe members can find your content.

If you hover over the red exclamation point, you can see the last time you added this link to your tribes if it was with a different image, and when it was added. This will help you to avoid adding duplicate pins in the same board or tribe.

You can share a pin to your Tailwind Tribes the same way you add it to your queue.

  • Find the pin (in your drafts Under “Publisher” Tab on the Tailwind app) or Find the pin using the Tailwind extension on Pinterest or your website
  • Select the board or Group Boards you want to pin to.
  • Enter Pin Title with Specific Keyword.
  • Put keyword-rich description relevant to your pin.
  • Select the ‘Add to Tribes’ button
  • Choose which tribes to share your pins, and click ‘Add to Tribe’

Click on “Add to Queue” button and schedule your pin.



To save your time, save a draft of each new pin with your rich-keywords description and relevant post URL. Then, share it with your tribes and boards at different times throughout the week also shuffle it and spread over without having to create a new pin each time.

Keep in mind: the number of monthly tribe submissions you’ll have depending on your membership level. If you decide you want to share more pins per month than the basic level comes with, you can purchase PowerUps.

Tailwind Tribes Best Practices

Always read the tribe’s rules before joining. Typically, these rules are there to discourage spamming and low-quality pins. They help make the tribe run smoothly, so do your best to follow them!

  • Always share others’ pins more often than you add your own.
  • Adhere to the tribe rules. Some tribes request that you only add a certain amount of pins per day. 
  • Others may request that you only add graphics that are longer than they are wide (also known as vertical pins). 
  • Be sure you’re only adding pins that are relevant to that tribe’s topics.
  • Try sharing a pin to half of your tribes one day, and the other half another day. If you add your pin at different times, it’s more likely to be seen and shared by more people.
  • The tribes allow tribe owners admins to track reciprocation and most of the tribes require at least one ripping for every pin you submit.

Tailwind tribe system also gives you tools to track how much you have reciprocated yourself so it helps you keep a healthy balance between the promotion of your content and content curation on Pinterest. 


You know people have different experiences with tribes and it all depends on the niche and on the tribes which you joined because all the tribes have different communities of bloggers.

You can also join or maybe leave tribes over time if you see that some of them are not really active not helping you to get higher reach on Pinterest.

You have the statistics once you start promoting in tribes you will start accumulating those statistics it will not show you from day one but over time you will start seeing which tribes work best for you inside your account.


Website Rank with Pinterest tailwind tribesI know a lot of you are already using a social media marketing app or post scheduler like Buffer, Hootsuite, or Plann, yet I suggest you try out Tailwind especially for Pinterest and Instagram marketing.


Here we have compared Tailwind with some of the popular post scheduling apps, check it out.

I hope you will learn a lot about Tailwind Tribes from this post “Boost Website Rank & Pinterest Reach with Tailwind Tribes ” this will help you for joining best tribes on the tailwind and using in such way that you can get best out of it.

Please do share this post with your friends if you find it valuable. If you find it helpful let others get benefited. Also please share your queries, suggestions in the comment box so that I can understand what you looking for.

I will try my best to provide you the best solution to your problems and use your suggestions if they are value-driven.

Thanks, and make it a great day.

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