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14 Best Education Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Blog in 2022


Are you looking for the best education affiliate programs to monetize your education blog? You’ve come to the right place.

In the digital world we live in, skills quickly become obsolete. As a result, people are always learning new skills or improving the skills they already have.

And thanks to the internet and various training platforms, you can learn anything you want to without going to a physical class.

Regardless of the nature of your blog or traffic generation techniques, below are some of the education affiliate programs you can earn from.

Best Education Affiliate programs

Babbel Affiliate Program 

Education Affiliate Programs

Babbel is one of the best language e-learning platforms, especially for beginners. The name is derived from the Tower of Babel in the bible, which tries to explain how multiple languages came to be.

Launched in 2007, Babbel offers an intuitive way of learning a new language thanks to their team that comprises native speakers, editors, researchers, polyglots, and teachers. The platform teaches up to 13 languages, which include;

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Swedish
  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Italian

 A learner gets to choose what to learn and how long the classes should be, based on the level they’re in.

Better yet, the courses are also offered based on the industry or occasion. For instance, you can learn marketing, traveling, or business-related words. This makes it easier to learn the relevant vocabulary faster.

Babbel is offered on a subscription basis, with prices starting at $6.95 per month or a $499 one-time fee where the learner gets access to all languages for a lifetime. Affiliates earn $32 for every sale, which is pretty great.

Cookie Duration – 45 Days

Commission Rate – $32 Per sale

Minimum Payout – N/A

Affiliate Networks – N/A


Bionic Turtle Affiliate Program 

If you’re in the finance industry, you probably already know how vital certification is –most importantly, the FRM (Financial Risk Management) certification.

Those with this certification, also known as FRMs, are equipped with knowledge and skills to assess risks and work in top banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, and accounting firms.

To become an FRM, you have to take and pass two exams. So, where does the Bionic Turtle come in? This e-learning program helps you prepare for the FRM exams through study materials, quizzes, and collaboration with experts and peers.

If you’ve built an audience in this niche and they want to pass the FRM exams, you can recommend Bionic Turtle. Having been in business since 2003, they’ve built enough credibility, which makes it easy to trust them. And the 20% commission rate is pretty good, considering their prices start at $349.

Cookie Duration – 60 Days

Commission Rate – 20%

Minimum Payout – N/A

Affiliate Networks – N/A


Brain Sensei Affiliate Program 

education affiliate programs

Brain Sensei helps students prepare for CAPM and PMP certification exams in a more interactive and engaging method.

Instead of the usual PowerPoint presentations you’ll find in most courses, Brain Sensei uses animations based on the Japanese samurais to tell stories revolving around project management principles.

Currently, they have over 900 courses, which a student can access over 180 days. Their commission rates range from 10% to 40%, which is quite promising since their courses cost more than $400.

Cookie Duration – 60 Days

Commission Rate – 10%

Minimum Payout – $10

Affiliate Networks – Sovrn (Formerly Viglinks)


BloomTech Affiliate Program

Formerly known as Lambda, BloomTech takes a different approach to e-learning. While most e-learning platforms require students to pay upfront, with BloomTech, you start learning for free with an agreement that you’ll pay them once you get a job and earn more than $50,000 per year.

BloomTech collaborates with employers to learn the skills they need, then teach students these skills. As a result, their graduates have a higher chance of securing employment.

You can refer a friend to BloomTech, and earn up to $250 per referral, making it the highest payout you’ll find in most education affiliate programs.

However, their application process is quite rigorous, and you have to have to be an alumnus of BloomTech to refer a friend.

Cookie Duration – N/A

Commission Rate – $250 per referral

Minimum Payout – N/A

Affiliate Networks – N/A


Discount School Supply Affiliate Program 

Education is not all about courses and preparing for certification. Physical products like school supplies, STEM learning tools, furniture, etc., also play a significant role in setting the foundation for education.

Discount School Supply specializes in these products, specifically for kids aged between 6 months and early teens (up to 8th grade). Any product you think your child needs at this age, you can find it at Discount School Supply.

The broad scope of products and the excellent reputation they’ve built since 1985 make it easier for an affiliate marketer to promote their products.

A 4% commission rate may not be the highest, but you can cash in on volume sales, especially during back-to-school or holiday offers.

Cookie Duration – 1 Day

Commission Rate – 4%

Minimum Payout – $50

Affiliate Networks – CJ Affiliates, PepperJam


Hooked On Phonics Affiliate Program 

Hooked On Phonics provides an easy and fun way for kids to learn how to read. Started in the 1980s, Hooked On Phonics is famous for the terms “Hooked On Phonics Worked For Me” and “Learn to Read.”

Hooked on Phonics has adapted to the changing dynamics in both the education and technology worlds by expanding into computer games, videos, books, flashcards, apps, and many other media types.

They also ventured into teaching other skills such as Spanish, handwriting, and spelling.

You can recommend Hooked On Phonics’ products to friends or on your blog and earn a 10% commission on each sale. They also have a subscription service where they’ll pay $20 for every subscriber you refer from the US and $13 for every subscriber you refer from Canada.

Cookie Duration – 90 Days

Commission Rate – 10%

Minimum Payout – $50

Affiliate Networks – ShareASale



LinkedIn Learning

education affiliate programs

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social networks. But unlike Facebook or Twitter, a large percentage of LinkedIn users are professionals seeking to connect or find better opportunities. They may also be companies hiring for the best talent.

That’s why creating LinkedIn Learning, an e-learning platform with courses in the tech, creative, and business industries, seemed like a good idea. LinkedIn users don’t just get to connect, but they can also learn new skills.

LinkedIn Learning offers monthly subscriptions, annual subscriptions, and a chance to buy standalone courses.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $40 for every monthly subscription and up to 35% on every standalone course you refer. You also gain access to banners, in-text links, and free-trial offers to help you promote the courses.

Cookie Duration – 30 Days

Commission Rate – One-time $40 for monthly subscriptions and 35% Per Standalone Course

Minimum Payout – N/A

Affiliate Networks – Impact Radius



Masterclass Affiliate Program

Masterclass sets itself apart from the rest by allowing you to learn directly from the experts. You may have come across some of their video ads on YouTube or Facebook.

If you’re a tennis fan, you can learn directly from Serena Williams. Other notable experts include Bobbi Brown teaching the art of makeup and Ru-Paul teaching self-expression and authenticity.

These courses are packaged in podcasts, videos, and practice assignments.

I don’t know about you, but learning from an expert is reason enough for people to choose Masterclass over other e-learning platforms.

Unlike most platforms where you buy one course, Masterclass offers a $180 annual subscription plan where you get access to all the courses, but you can only stream on one device at a time.

If you want to stream on more devices, you can subscribe to the $240 per year plan that offers 2 devices or the $276 plan that offers 6 devices.

Besides offering a 25% commission rate, they also offer bonuses when an affiliate reaches a milestone. These include;

  • $100 bonus for $1500 total sales
  • $150 for $3500 total sales
  • $200 for $6000 total sales
  • $250 for $9000 total sales
  • $300 for $12,000 total sales

Cookie Duration – 30 Days

Commission Rate – 25%

Minimum Payout – N/A

Affiliate Networks – ShareASale


Pluralsight Affiliate Program

Pluralsight is one of the best places to learn coding and software development. I first learned about them through the free scholarships they offered in partnership with Google and other tech companies.

But Pluralsight makes money on a subscription basis. Instructors apply to become authors on Pluralsight, and once approved, they can start creating courses on a variety of topics.

On the other hand, learners can choose a monthly subscription, which costs between $19 and $29, or an annual subscription that costs between $159 and $239. They also offer a 10-day free trial.

Pluralsight is also one of the best education affiliate programs in the tech niche since affiliates can earn in three ways. First, you get to earn $5 for every new learner who subscribes to the free trial.

If the student chooses the monthly subscription, you earn 50%. If they choose the annual subscription, you earn 15%, and if they go for the premium subscription, you’ll earn 10%.

These are some of the highest commission rates you’ll find in an education affiliate program. And to crown it all, their cookie lasts up to 45 days.

Cookie Duration – 45 Days

Commission Rate – 5% for the free trial, 50% for the monthly subscription, 15% for the annual subscription, and 10% for the Premium subscription

Minimum Payout – N/A

Affiliate Networks – Impact



SkillShare Affiliate Program

SkillShare is a leading e-learning platform for entrepreneurs and creatives, offering more than 30,000 courses in freelancing, entrepreneurship, gardening, designing, and many other industries.

Like most e-learning platforms, SkillShare offers a subscription service, where the student gains access to all courses on the platform. These plans cost $32 per month or $168 per year. SkillShare also offers plans for teams that want to take courses together.

Try SkillShare Here

You can join SkillShare’s education affiliate program and earn $7 for every user who joins the paid programs. They also host their affiliate program on Impact Radius where you have access to banners, ads, and tracking tools.

Cookie Duration – 30 Days

Commission Rate – $7 Per sale

Minimum Payout – $10

Affiliate Networks – Impact Radius



Teachable Affiliate program

Education Affiliate Programs

Teachable is one of the best course creation and coaching platforms. And as an affiliate, you can earn by promoting Teachable to course creators or promoting individual courses. Either way, they have some of the highest commission rates.

Try Teachable Here

When promoting courses, you can earn between 30% and 70% recurring commissions on the sale, depending on the course.

The rates differ since Teachable gives course creators the freedom to design their affiliate programs. The commissions are recurring because courses are sold on a monthly fee, and the course prices range from $39 to $499.

When promoting Teachable to course creators and coaches, you earn up to 50% recurring commissions as long as the course creator pays the annual subscription fee, which ranges from $0 to $249 per month.

As an affiliate, you also have access to a discovery tool where you find the best courses, A/B testing, reporting, banners, and ads to run your campaigns.

Cookie Duration – N/A

Commission Rate – 30% to 70%

Minimum Payout – $50

Affiliate Networks – N/A


Thinkific Affiliate Program 

ThinkiFic makes course creation easy even for those who aren’t tech savvy.

Instead of purchasing a new domain name and integrating different plugins for a course, ThinkiFic gives you all the creation and marketing tools within one platform.

As such, you don’t need to learn any coding to build your course.

This course-creating platform is offered on a subscription basis for $39, $79, or $399 per year. But they also have a free plan when you need to test if it works for you.

If your audience consists of coaches, entrepreneurs, or hobbyists who want to create and sell courses, then ThinkiFic sounds like a perfect fit for them. They offer a 30% recurring income on the subscription, which translates to about $1700 per referral in a year.

Cookie Duration – 90 Days

Commission Rate – 30% Recurring Commissions

Minimum Payout – $50

Affiliate Networks – N/A



Udacity Affiliate Program

Udacity is one of the best places to learn the latest tech skills. It started as a free computer and tech skills class at Stanford University, but it became a fully-fledged e-learning platform in 2012.

Unlike other e-learning platforms where independent course creators enroll and create courses, Udacity partners with top companies in the tech industry, such as Google, Intel, and Facebook.

These companies contribute mostly learning materials, but Udacity has also benefited from several venture capital funding rounds. That’s why it’s possible for them to offer free courses.

Udacity hires instructors through a thorough recruiting process, which ensures the quality of the courses.

The courses are packaged in the form of pre-recorded videos and auto-graded quizzes, where you can get a certificate upon completion of a course. However, you need to verify your identity to get certification from their nanodegree programs.

Udacity hosts their affiliate program on Impact, allowing you to promote any of their nanodegree programs. Instead of a commission rate, they pay $25 per order, per person, and per month.

That means that if the learner buys another course within the same month, you won’t earn a commission from it. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying it out.

Cookie Duration – 30 Days

Commission Rate – $25 Per order

Minimum Payout – $10

Affiliate Networks – Impact


Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy is one of the most popular online courses platforms. They have thousands of courses in any niche you could think of.

When finding ways to make money online, I took courses on writing, transcription, and front-end web development on Udemy. The good thing about this platform is you can learn a new skill for as little as $9.99.

So, what’s in it for you as an affiliate marketer? You can promote Udemy in two ways. First, you can use the provided banners based on the affiliate network you’re using. Second, you can use deep linking to promote a specific course. Deep linking seems to work best for most affiliates, but you can try both and pick one that works for you.

A 15% commission rate isn’t that bad, considering some courses can cost up to $100. However, Udemy often slashes the course prices, and some learners will wait for such deals, translating to lower commissions for you.

Another downside is the 7-day cookie duration, which is relatively short. Most education affiliate programs have a 30-day cookie duration.

Cookie Duration – 7 Days

Commission Rate – 15%

Minimum Payout – $50

Affiliate Networks – FlexOffers, Awin, Impact, Rakuten Advertising



And that wraps up my list of the best education affiliate programs. I picked 14 of the best, but there are thousands of programs ranging from courses, schools supplies, and student finance. You just have to find one that works for you, do your due diligence to make sure you’re promoting legitimate products, and apply the best affiliate marketing practices.

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