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NFT as a passive source of income : passive_income


I’ve got the popcorn ready for the comments on this one

I’m also interested in the possibility of making passive income from an NFT

I would guess it all comes down to how much money you’ve got net worth and what percentage you gonna throw into an nft are you about to invest your last 3-years salary from McDonald’s that you saved up by living like a hermit as that would be pretty risky but potentially rewarding or are you a millionaire about to throw 1% of your net worth into one for a bit of a fun/ Gamble.

You could make passive income from it it just by it rising in value every year while you own it but you don’t collect the passive income until you sell it in that case you could maybe lend it out out for a passive income paid monthly or yearly if that’s even possible

Personally I’d look at the metaverse and buy land that you can rent out directly for around 10% per annum if you’ve got a good location they cost between 15k and 40k or if you want real passive income buy a transporter on the metaverse for 140,000 they could be a licence to print money for the rest of your life and generations to come

Good luck in your Hunt

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