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SEMrush Free Trial Extended (Pro & Guru Account)


Looking for SEMrush free trial?

Try SEMrush Pro account free trial for 14 days
(worth $99.95).

Test drive SEMrush guru free trial for 7 days
(worth $199.95).

Benefits of SEMrush trial account:

With SEMrush, you don’t need dozens of SEO & SEM tools for your marketing needs.

SEMrush marketing suite includes what you need to get profitable keywords, find opportunities to grow, and make money.

AskEustache readers can exclusively avail an extended SEMrush free trial account.

Get 14 days of SEMrush pro free
(valued at $99.95).

You’ll save dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars spent on SEO. Create your account now and learn how to use it fully below.

What you can do with SEMrush:

Keyword Research: Find hundred of keywords ideas grouped by topic, sort by volume, CPC, analyze top ranking pages, etc…

SEO writing: Get keywords and SEO suggestions to write better content optimized to rank on search results.

Competitive research: Analyze every digital step of your competitors, find gaps, and outperform them.

Site Audit: Find and fix SEO issues hurting your site. (technical, On-page, and toxic backlinks).

SEMrush free trial: Try it for free for 14 days ($99 value)[]

SEMrush Pricing & Discounts

SEMrush pro plan costs $99.95 per month. SEMrush guru plan costs $199.95. You can get a free extended trial with the SEMrush promo code embedded into our exclusive link.

To get SEMrush discounts, when you upgrade after you trial, pay for an entire year and save up to $800.

How to avail the free extended SEMrush trial?

Step 1.- Go to https://semrush.com/partner/AskEustache/
to avail SEMrush trial account. This link already has a SEMrush promo code applied. You don’t need to enter any discount code.

AskEustache & SEMrush pro free trial offer

Step 2.- Click on “Start 14-days free trial” and create your account. You just have to enter your email, a chosen password, and click on “Create your SEMrush account”.

Create Your Account on SEMrush

Step 3.- On the next page, you’re required to enter credit card information to avail the trial. You won’t be charged for the first 14 days. You can cancel your account anytime. You also have 7 days after the first charge to refund. It’s risk-free.

SEMrush trial account creation process

SEMrush will verify your credit card with a “$1” transaction. They will reverse that money once verified.

Payment success for your SEMrush trial

Step 4.- use SEMrush to grow your business. If you don’t want to keep using it, it’s easy to cancel your account. You’ll be downgraded to free which is very limited but still useful.

SEMrush Pro or Guru Account Free Trial?

You can opt for a SEMrush pro trial
or Guru trial account

The Guru plan includes extension of everything inside SEMrush Pro + Content marketing platform. It cost $199.95 per month.

SEMrush Pro SEMrush Guru
10,000 results per report 30,000 results per report
3,000 reports per day 5,000 reports per day
3 Projects 15 Projects
track 500 keywords track 1,500 keywords
post scheduling on 10 social profiles post scheduling on 30 social profiles
2 Topic searches Unlimited topic searches
Monitor 50 social profiles Monitor 100 social profiles

How to take full advantage of your SEMrush free trial?

I procrastinated when I first started with my SEMrush 14 days pro trial. My mistakes.

But you… I want you to take full advantage of your free SEMrush trial. Do the following things:

Set up SEMrush projects to fix SEO issues and find opportunities for growth

With SEMrush projects, you’ll uncover hidden opportunities to grow your website traffic and income.

Open you new SEMrush account and click on the “Project +” button.

Enter your domain name without www. Give your project a name. Then, click on “Create”.

Here are what you’ll get:

Site Audit: Find technical SEO mistakes once they appear and fix them.

Position Tracking: Get the visibility of your website for a particular keyword in search results. Track your keywords ranking.

Social Media Tracker: Track your social media accounts and even competitors’ social accounts. Analyze and find strategies to reach more people.

Social Media Poster: Find the best time your following are online on social media and schedule your posts to be published at the right time with SEMrush.

Brand Monitoring: Tracking target keywords and your brand mention online. It’s a huge opportunity to find new backlinks when bloggers are talking about you and not linking to you. You can also monitor conversations where you can take part in and acquire customers.

Backlink Audit: audit links from sites pointing to your site. Find and reclaim lost backlinks. Find and remove toxic backlinks that may harm your site ranking.

Link Building: You enter your target keywords and a list of websites where you can try to get a backlink from. You get outreach templates and tools to send your emails inside SEMrush.

Content Audit: Track your content, especially guest post, for social shares and referral traffic.

and more…

The results you’ll get from those projects will make you love SEMrush. But by creating projects, you’re only scratching the surface of your SEMrush trial account.

Find trending topics to write about and keywords to get your content found.

To get more visibility that will results into more income from your blog, you need to go after the right keywords.

SEMrush gives you the tools you need to find high paying keyword and niches to monetize your website.

The first one is keyword overview.

1.- You enter a keyword in the search bar and SEMrush gives you an overview of that keywords. You get related keywords and top 10 sites ranked for that keyword.

If you click on any of ten results, you’ll get all keywords variations the same page is ranked for. They are all keywords search engine consider to have the same intent that the article fit in. It’s a huge opportunity to find synonyms and different key phrases for your topic.

If you click on view more buttons, you’ll find more related key phrases. Click on a keyword for analysis, you’ll go to the second tool, Keyword Magic Tool. You’ll find groups your keywords grouped, analyze traffic potential, and select your desired keywords to create a list for your articles.

With Keyword Manager, you can create up to 50 lists of keywords. It helps when you find new keywords intent while searching keywords for another article. You can add the newfound keywords to a new list and keep doing what you do… you stay focused and productive… without spreadsheets.

2.- Another tool is “Topic Research”.

You’ll get market data of most popular questions, most shared content on social media for that topic, kind of traffic that attracts the most backlinks.

You’ll find topics to cover to build a content hub and get higher rankings on Google.

Optimize your articles to rank higher in SERPs and for more keywords.

SEMrush gives you at least 3 tools to write better content to rank on search engine.

It gives you an SEO Content template with keywords to add to your content, site to get backlinks from, etc…

SEO Writing assistant act like SEO Content template but you get live recommendations as you type and check for plagiarism.

With On page SEO checker, you get recommendations to optimize your existing contents based on top 10 ranking sites for targeted keywords.

Research your competitors to find new keywords, topics, and backlinks ideas.

You can analyze your market with your SEMrush trial. Find who’s your direct or indirect competitor. Analyze their strategy and find new opportunities.

You’ll find keyword and backlinks you may go after with respectively keyword and backlink gap tools. You can use the tools to analyze the traffic of your potential affiliates before you approve them.

As we saw, you can do a lot of things with your free SEMrush trial account. Most people trying SEMrush adopt it as their go tool for digital marketing. SEMrush is used by more than 5,000,000 users. But if for whatever reason you want to cancel, here’s how:

How to cancel SEMrush Free trial?

To cancel SEMrush account, you have two options:

  1. send an email directly to SEMrush at asking them to cancel your account.
  2. Open your SEMrush dashboard, go to your profile > subscription info > billing > hover “recurring: Active” and click contact us link.

The advantage of the second option is that it has needed info.

How to cancel SEMrush account

What’s SEMrush refund policy?

SEMrush has a 7-day refund policy after your first charge.

If you forgot to cancel and don’t want to pay, you have 7 days after your trial ends to get your money back with the instructions given above.

How SEMrush compare to alternatives?

SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing suite. Alternatives can be keyword research tools, competitor analysis tool, social scheduling and monitoring tools, SEO content optimization tools.

Comparing SEMrush will these competitors, you’ll find areas where they do the job better than SEMrush. But you’ll be paying for each of them individually.

With SEMrush, you save money by paying for a single product that can do the job really well.

Let’s take some examples:

SEMrush vs AHrefs: AHrefs is better than SEMrush at finding broken link for link building. But SEMrush has more keywords data, gives you social media tools, helps you spy on anyone’s advertising campaign. Things AHrefs can’t do. You save money using SEMrush and you still can find broken links. This task just take more time.

SEMrush Social Media Toolkit vs Tailwind: Tailwind help you schedule pins on Pinterest, it gives you analytics for all pins from your domain pinned by anyone.

With SEMrush, you just get analytics for pins you added to Pinterest. But you also get social posting and monitoring for twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, Google my Business, Instagram.

You save money and save time. The social media toolkit is included into your SEMrush plan, no extra expense.

While I do recommend these products too because they are good, if you’re going to use one product, I highly recommend SEMrush for your digital marketing tasks.

You can get this exclusive offer from SEMrush & AskEustache to get a SEMrush trial version
free for 14 days.

Test drive SEMrush free with a 14-Day trial

Genrally, SEMrush gives you 7 days to try their services. Use this exclusive link
to test drive SEMrush for 14 days free.


SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing suite you can use to:

  • Find hundreds of keyword ideas, create keyword lists without spreadsheets, analyze keywords to select the best you should go after for more traffic and revenue.
  • Optimize your site content with tailored SEO recommendations, find and fix SEO issues for better rankings.
  • Find backlinks opportunities, get outreach templates, and send your email right inside SEMrush.
  • Analyze your market to find business opportunities.
  • schedule social media pots on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest at the right time.

Use this exclusive link to get 14 days of SEMrush pro trial

Use this exclusive link to get 7-days of SEMrush guru trial

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