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The 1k Niche Property Project – Month 2 (October 2021)


Welcome Back to The 1k Niche Property Project!

We’ve officially completed the second month of this project and Scott and I are PUMPED beyond belief with what we’ve seen so far.

Before we dive into everything that’s happened this month, let’s take a quick minute to remind everybody about what’s happened so far in our goal for this project.

The Goal

Just in case you haven’t been following along with this process so far, I just wanted to give you a quick reminder of the two main goals Scott and I have for this project.

As the name( the 1K niche property project) would imply, our first goal is to take a new website from zero to $1000 in monthly recurring revenue in less than one year.

Ideally, we will be able to do this in between 8 to 10 months while continuing to see positive growth across all of the metrics we are taking into account.

Our second goal for this project is the test a few different theories that we have about how the different search engines rank content and to see if we can apply: from projects to an accelerated timeline

Since you’re reading this, it should also be obvious that an unstated goal is to document every step journey and to be transparent so anyone interested in trying something like this experiment will have an in-depth understanding of what does and does not work.

The History:

Now that we’re officially into the third month of this project, I wanted to take a quick step back and walk you through what’s happened up to this point.

You can read all of the full details for the start of this project and what happened at the end of month one by looking at these links here Month 0 or Month 1.

Up to this point, we ran through the niche selection process, had chosen domain, and had gone through the initial keyword research and content selection process.

Additionally, we chose to partner with Niche Website Builders to help us through the content creation process and take as much of the work off of our plates as possible.

Since we are running a variety of other projects, including all of our different case study websites for Brand Creators Academy, taking on an additional project like this with our short timeline is not very realistic given the amount of work involved.

That being said, is possible to create the same amount of content in a similar timeframe, if it’s your focus.

Coming to this month we were waiting for our first batch of articles to be created, with the hopes of posting them all at once (or very closely together).

Additionally, we were waiting for our partners to finalize some of the website creation tasks and “hand over the keys” to the site.

The Activity This Month:

Now that you have an idea of what’s been accomplished up to this point, let’s dive into everything that happened this month in the 1K niche property project.

Full Content Review:

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that part of the initial $9000 investment we made to create this niche site (much more than you need to spend if you want to do it yourself) included a budget of 110,000 words of written content.

Given the rule of thumb of roughly 1500 words to create a decent article, we had initially hoped to create about 90 pieces of content to launch along with the site on day one.

After doing a little bit more content analysis, this final number of published articles was brought down to 44.

While word count alone doesn’t necessarily mean the article you are creating is better than the other articles Google can put in front of a searcher, creating in-depth content that truly answers all parts of a user’s question is a key to ranking in the search engine.

As our content analysis deepened, we decided to double down on some of the articles that we initially wanted to create to make them the best resources available.

While we don’t have quite as many “bites at the apple” as we had initially planned, we do feel the content that was created has an excellent chance to rank.

This month, we received and reviewed all 44 of these articles and they were all accepted, with a few minor changes like:

  • A few Grammar Tweaks (the team we used resides in Britain and was using British spellings and phrases)
  • A Few Minor Edits to Layout and Format
  • Asking For Meta Descriptions to Be Written and Posted With The Articles

Site Hand Off:

Once all of this content was reviewed and accepted, we went through a quick technical review with the team over at Niche site builders and made sure that everything was okay from a technical standpoint.

This process included a variety of different things, like looking at the plug-ins that they had selected to build for the site and making sure we had Google analytics installed.

Once all of these things were approved, Niche Site Builders gave us full access to the site and Google analytics and handed off the keys to us.

From here on out, the success or failure of the site is completely up to Scott and myself.

Content Planning:

Once we took the keys to the site, Scott and I had to decide what we wanted to do with content moving forward.

As you’ve probably heard us discuss in the past, consistently publishing content and putting more lines in the water usually will allow us to catch more fish (or bring in more traffic from search results).

In this case, we decided to hold off on publishing content for at least the next month (the month of November), to see how well our initial idea of the content blitz works.

If you haven’t seen us talk about the content blitz in the past, essentially publishing the 44 articles we chose to publish all at once.

In theory, rather than publishing one article this week and one article next week, and then waiting a few months for them to be indexed and start bringing traffic, the content blitz approach allows us to publish all of the content once which means it will be indexed and bring traffic faster.

Publishing any additional content during this period may pollute those results and make it harder to share with you, so we decided to take the month off from publishing any additional content.

Stay tuned in December, as we have a content planning meeting coming up, and may start aggressively publishing content again depending on how our numbers look at the end of this month.

Traction So Far:

Now that we have most of the boring stuff out of the way, it’s time to get into the fun part of this update.

Moving forward, these updates will contain a lot more information related to how well the site is doing and I’m happy to report that since the site has been handed off that we finally have a few numbers to take a look at.

Since our main method of monetizing the site (at least the way we are planning to run it)  is going to be ads, we need to start aggressively tracking all of our traffic and related data.

As of the writing of this of people (not three weeks since the handoff of the website), we’ve had 341 individual users visit the site for a total of 431 Sessions.

Already, 294 of those sessions have come from organic search, meaning our content has ALREADY started to be indexed and is getting found in search.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that this is just a starting place and while 294 sessions from organic searches may not seem like a lot (and it’s only a small fraction of what we need to reach our goal) it is an extremely promising start in the three weeks since we been handed the keys to the website.

Additionally, perhaps even more excitingly, Google has an index for 192 different keywords.

This is an important metric for us to keep track of because even though our content likely won’t rank on the first page for several months in many cases, having an understanding of how many different ways people can find our website is a good first step in helping us know we are headed in the right direction.

Of those hundred and 92 keywords that Google has indexed, hundred and 59 are on the second-page photo of observed results

This likely means that they’re not currently bringing us much if any traffic, but it is important to keep in mind as we should see that number start to change dramatically over the next few months even without the addition of more content.

Of the remaining 33 keywords, we currently hold 12 positions on the bottom half of the first page of search results and 21 positions on the top half of the first page of search results.

As we create more and more content, I would expect to see the overall number of keywords we are next for increase as well as (hopefully) an increased number of the currently indexed keywords that are on the first page slowly making their way upward in the search results.

Because it does generally take some time before you start to see organic traffic, the fact that we’re seeing this man keywords index this early is a positive sign.

Additionally, if you’re just getting started in your journey do not be discouraged if you don’t see traffic right away and consider looking at a tool like ahrefs, which tells you how many keywords are currently indexed for.

If like us, you are seeing growth in the number of keywords are indexed for, you can expect organic traffic to follow shortly after

The Money

Now that you have an idea of everything that we did this month, you’re probably wondering what’s going on from a money perspective.

Each month we’re going to be breaking down our expenses, earnings, and giving you an idea of our net profit as we work our way through this process.

Let’s start by taking a look at our expenses so far.


Just like with month one, we didn’t incur any additional expenses for this project this month. Our only expense to date is the initial $9000 investment, which included the domain, hosting, and the initial articles that were published during this period.

Next month, we may start to create some additional content, which would result in a small additional cost if that’s the choice we make.

Month 2 Expenses: $0


Since we just had the keys to the site handed over to us, we also have not monetized the site at this point.

Although our goal is to reach the thousand dollar market as soon as possible, we want to give the content a chance to get settled inside of the Google search results, before we had a and any other variables like ads to the equation

As a result, the site hasn’t generated any revenue to date.

Month 2 Earnings: $0

Net Earnings

Month 0 Expenses: -$9,000

Month 0 Earnings: $0

Month 1 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 1 Earnings: $0

Month 2 Expenses: $0 (Zero Additional)

Month 2 Earnings: $0

Month 2 Net: -$9,000

That’s A Wrap

That’s pretty much it for the month to update for the 1K niche property project, this month has been a busy one.

Beyond the fact that we finally have our website in hand with the initial 44 articles published, we are finally able to start feeling the signs of momentum daily, by seeing the number of keywords we’re indexed for and seeing our traffic slowly start to increase.

If you’d like to follow along this journey and see how long it takes us to take this site from zero to $1000, make sure to check back next month for the month three update.

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