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SMMA Review :- Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program


SMMA Review of Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program. Learn How to Start your own SMMA Agency Online Business and Earn residual Income 1k-10k /Month

Social media one of the favorite places for the people to interact with their friends and social news, but now it becomes one of the best marketplaces for promoting any product or services;

So this could be the best idea to start your own “Social Media” Digital Marketing Agency and earn money from Social Media Sites.

SMMA Review :- Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program

SMMA “Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program” is a great success business course created by one of the top success dominant entrepreneur in the world TAI LOPEZ; where he will guide you the step by step blueprint to learn how to start your social media marketing agency & also will guide you that how to get small businesses owners to hire you for your service.

Therefore, get More depth knowledge and live training about SMMA Program and come to know how this program can help you to start your online career as a social media marketing advisor… EXCLUSIVE, *FREE* Online Webinar with TAI LOPEZ.

👉👉Social Media Digital Marketing Agency Free Webinar

Social Media Marketing Webinar Highlights:-

  • Get the skills to become a social media marketing expert for that small business pay you. 
  • How to acquire customers at social media platform, with the internet, and email marketing (learn these lessons from experts who actually use these Digital Marketing Tools in day to day life and earn income) 
  • How to convince business owners to hire you for your social media marketing service by showing them how you can manage and unitize social media for their business growth, doesn’t matter your experience, age, geographical location, or background.
SMMA Review :- Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program

“Tai Lopez” is one of the dominant entrepreneurs in the world and well known as a partner, investor or advisor to the multi-million dollar businesses and organizations. but he was not a born rich, he is the guy who Slept On a Couch, & had only Just $47 in his Bank Account!

  • He has his own book club and podcasts to motivate thousands of people and he guides them on how to achieve wealth, health, love & happiness with millions of people all over the world.
  • Tai Lopez also started the fastest-growing best Ted Talks which have over 9.3 million views till now. Tai Lopez was not born rich so he knows what it’s like to struggle.
  • He made the MOST-IMPORTANT investment you’ll ever make in life…An investment in HIMSELF! so he asks to do the same for others.
  • These points may clear you the fact that Tai Lopez knows the online marketing stuff and have enough expertise in his job that is why he got this success.
  • Since the first release of his social media marketing agency program, which has already helped more than 35,000 people to know how to start an agency, it has been sophisticated and updated for 2019. This new version, SMMA® 2.0, now comes for the exact email and phone script.

Why Small Businesses Hire you?:-

Small Business Owners don’t have enough knowledge about social media marketing strategies and they don’t want to learn it because they assume that these are very uncomfortable stuff for them but they understand the importance and power of social media, so they Gladly Hiring People Who understand social media marketing and ready to pay them!

Tai Lopez’s SMMA is about creating long term wealth by helping small businesses use social media!
Nowadays small business owners are looking for help with social media! for getting customers online
And since $1,000-$10,000 in a month is “couch change” for small businesses, they’ll GLADLY pay you for your help!

The Key Elements and Course Structure of SMMA 2.0 Program:-

It’s a 4 Months Step by Step Training Program and here you find a total of 4 Phases, 1 Phase each month…

Month 1:- Business Set-up

  • Course Overview
  • Understanding Major Social Media & Internet Marketing Channels
  • The Business Model 
  • Naming Your Company 
  • Forming Your Company 
  • Picking Your Domain Name 
  • Telling Your Story Through Social Media 
  • How To Set Up Your Pricing 
  • Finding Your Niche 
  • It’s A Numbers Game 
  • How To Past Your Fears and Motivate Yourself 
  • Website Creation Step by Step with Peter Wang 
  • Adam Torres:- Basics for Business Owners
    No Experience Needed for getting clients 
  • Learn How to create An Offer on Facebook For Your Clients 
  • How To Get 1k Email Leads For $100 With Facebook Advertisement. 
  • How To Use Facebook Ads Platform for Getting Results For your Clients. 
  • Finding Local Clients with 5 proven ways.

Month 2:- Mastering Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction To Your Twitter Account 
  • Learn the VRIN Scores.
    Nathan Chan’s 
  • Instagram Strategies and growth hacks 
  • Sales Funnel Creation For Growing Instagram Account
  • Using Instagram For Local Businesses
  • Advanced Youtube Marketing Technique 
  • Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Audience First with Raymond Duke 
  • 7 Social Media Copy-writing Tips You Can Use Today 
  • Website Optimization 
  • 3 Advanced Tips To Instantly Increase Your Social Page Engagement. 
  • The 4 Stages Of Email Marketing
    Strategies Behind 
  • Building 6-Figure Funnels For Your Customers 
  • Cheapest Way To Capture Email Leads 
  • How To Create Videos that Go Viral On Facebook & Get Views in Less Than One Penny Per view 
  • Google Ads
    The State Of Social Media 
  • The Importance Of Focusing Your Niche And Creating More Leverage 
  • Twitter Insight with Felix Hartmann 
  • Profit Cycle Formula with Anthony Morrison 
  • 4 Steps To Marketing eComm Businesses with Adrian Morrison 
  • Rapid-Testing Formula with Adrian Morrison 
  • The Use of Facebook Pixels with Bryson Hilton
  • A Lead Into A Paying Customer
    Breaking Down 
  • Google Adwords With These Steps
    Josh Earp’s 
  • Overview
    Market Research with Josh Earp 
  • The Power Of SEO with Josh Earp 
  • Getting Equity with Josh Earp 
  • Off-Page Optimization with Josh Earp 
  • Tiered Link Building with Josh Earp 
  • Snapchat Business Mastery with Chris Record 
  • Generate Facebook Lead Ads with Michael Crouch 
  • Content Copy-writing Mastery to Increase Organic Views and traffic with David J. Woodbury 
  • Re-targeting with Peter Dulay

Month 3:- Acquiring Clients;

  • Unique Way To Get The Ideal Clients with Mike Acre 
  • Use Social Media Platform To Get Local Clients with Joe Soto 
  • Learn How To Capture Local Area Clients with Joe Soto 
  • Sales Strategies with Chris Record 
  • Finding Your Clients Specialty with Jaiden Gross 
  • Understanding Objections vs. Complaints: How To Pitch To Owners with Jaiden Gross
  • Telemarketing And Phone Sales with Jaiden Gross 
  • Dan Freshman’s best Strategies To Acquire Clients. 
  • How To Acquire Business Clients That Make Over $10 Million In Revenue 
  • Persuading Clients To Sign Up 
  • How To Acquire Clients Using Social Media Audits 
  • How To Get Instant Buy-Ins by perfectly presenting your services. 
  • How To Collect Recurring Payments From Your Clients 
  • Methods To Increase Your Client’s ROI 
  • After You Close The Deal
    Going To The Source Of The Money 
  • How To Get Qualified Prospects with Bryson Hilton 
  • Exploring Methods To Getting New Customers with Bryce Hilton 
  • Bryson Hilton Unveils, “The Stack”
    White Label Fulfillment with Bryson Hilton 
  • How To Use Facebook Audits To Land High Paying Clients with Zach Johnson 
  • 7 Reasons Why Your Clients Will Invest In Your Social Media Services 
  • The Art Of Negotiation with Jaiden Gross 
  • 6 Steps Of The Sales Process

Month 4:- Automating, Servicing and Building Your Team

  • Outsourcing 
  • The Power of Collaborating With Social Media Influencers 
  • Know When You Should Start Building Your Team 
  • Setting Up The Hiring Process
    Going From Zero To One Million In Revenue 
  • How To Kick Off & Manage Your Clients 
  • Fundamentals For Client Retention 
  • Expediting Your Free Social Media Audit 
  • Bonus 1:- The Vault “Past Weekly Social Media Marketing Agency’s ” Live Calls 
  • Bonus 2:- SMMA Lifestyle 28 Videos 

The Working Strategies of Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 program:- 

STEP 1:-Here you will learn the basic skills of monetizing social media platforms and starting your own social media marketing company.

STEP 2:-You will learn some of the advanced strategies and techniques for getting free and paid traffic.

STEP 3:-You will learn through step-by-step instructions for starting an online marketing agency (so that you can easily get paid for your knowledge).

Final Step — You will learn the strategies of convincing small business owners to get your service and pay you $1,000-$10,000 in a month for your marketing skills!

SMMA Review :- Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program

Don’t wait to just register for this FREE Training Today and start your online career.

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