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This doesn’t seem low risk, assuming it’s even possible to find a good rental property for $250k.

  1. the real estate market has been insane over the last year, prices are crazy and there’s no way to predict whether they’ll stay this high.

  2. homes can have crazy maintenance costs. What if the AC craps out a few months after OP buys it? That’s close to $10k right there. And then a guest kills some appliances or damage: something expensive?

  3. some communities have been pushing back on short term rental properties because they negatively affect locals. What if local laws change around these rentals?

  4. is this really passive? OP will have to be ready to interact with guests if they have issues and potentially fix said issues. If OP isn’t available, they’ll have to have someone local on the payroll that is.

Maybe none of these are major issues, but I think OP had to consider all of these potential problems.

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