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Free $25 Cricket Referral Code (Cricket Wireless $25 Credit) : passive_income


Step 1. Open the link:


Step 2. In the above webpage, enter your email address (note: use the email address for your Cricket online account). After submitting, an email named “Your Cricket Referral Code” will be sent from Cricket to you, which contains your own unique code.

Step 3. Activate your Cricket service within 30 days

Step 4. Important! After activating the service, go to the “myCricket” app, or “My Account” on the Cricket website, then enter your unique 13-character code received in the email from Step 2.

To use “My Account” on the Cricket website to enter your code, go to https://www.cricketwireless.com/myaccount.html#/referFriend, click “Add a referral code”, then enter your code.
Or to use “myCricket” app to enter the code, there is a section for the referral at the bottom of the app homepage.

Done. $25 credit will arrive to your account in 60 days if you keep the service active

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