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My Reselling Results After One Week | CDTV 005 – Chris Dunn


There are so many different ways to make money “trading”.

You can trade the financial markets online…

You can “trade” real estate by fixing and flipping (I just put one of my flips under contract to sell)…

Or you can resell physical products by selling on eBay, Amazon, or to other resellers.

And I’m a fan of doing it ALL!

Most millionaires have many streams of income, and I like to “income stack” as many sources as I can to mitigate risk and diversify.

In this week’s episode of CDTV, I’m showing you how I made $2,200 my first week testing Ryan Roots’ reselling business model, and how I’m on track to do about $10,000 my first month.

Look, if I can do this part-time in addition to running my businesses, then ANYBODY can do it.

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