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The ONLY Software You’ll EVER Need for ALL Graphic Needs!


If you have seen my book covers, product covers, blog post header images, social media images, you probably noticed that they are professionally done.

If I had to outsource them I would have, so far, spent over $6,000. No kidding!

That is,

  • over 21 book covers (multiple formats – hardcopy, kindle)
  • 10+ product images,
  • multiple product shot images,
  • over 150+ blog post images,
  • ad banners
  • hundreds of social media images
  • online ad campaign images

That’s easily over $6000 in value.

Go ahead click here, scroll down and see yourself!

Many of my readers and students have also asked me how I do these professional looking graphics.

I could tell them about the software I used to create them myself (I’m no designer by any means!) – but then the software itself was an expensive monthly-subscription investment.

Not something I wanted to recommend to newbies, or moderately expert authors or bloggers.

But just an hour ago, as if out of the blue, something happened.

I was checking my email in the car, while my wife had stepped out to buy something.

And I got to know that the product owners of this product is running a flash sale for one-time rock-bottom price.

YES! They are selling this software for LIFE-TIME access for a pittance.

I don’t know how they are able to do this. Honestly.

But this is just a very, very short time sale.

So I had to rush back home and write this post.

Grab the software here.

I even put together a quick training video for you.

In this training I show how I create,

  • ebook covers
  • blog header logos
  • blog post images
  • social images – facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube.. everything you need
  • any kind of banners

..all under few minutes

Watch the free training here..


With this you can create graphics needed for your blogging business, self-publishing (kindle/hardcopy) business, or any kind of online business.

This software is the golden key that saves thousands of dollars in graphics work throughout your online business.

It’s not everyday that I recommend products. Here’s the only one I recommended this whole year!

Here’s how you get this software (few more hours left) –

Step1: Click https://www.mypassiveincomeeducation.com/psfx-all

That’s it! 🙂

If you need any help, write to me here and let me know.

To further help you..

  • Once you grab the software, forward me your confirmation email and I’ll share the complete training course with you (released!).
  • Plus, since I use this product day-in and day-out, I’ll support you if you need any help!

To your success,



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