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Earn Money From Internet by Googling Google ($260+/Week Worldwide )


Earn Money From Internet by Googling Google with World’s Best Companies become a Search Engine Evaluator, Social Media Evaluator, and Data Collector.

Whats-up guys welcome back to another exciting post and money making idea. Today we are gonna be talking about how to earn money from internet $260 per week just by Googling Google.


And I know that
it might sound hard to believe but there’s actually thousands of people from all around the
world are earning $12-$15 per hour or more with Google Googling. Therefore you gonna make legitimate Income from the best Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. and Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How to Earn Money From Internet by Googling GOOGLE

Today we’re
gonna be talking about something called a Search Engine Evaluator, A Search Engine Evaluator basically evaluate search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. 


all of us use Google, Bing or Yahoo Search Engines, and there are millions and millions of people
every single day search things on search engines, and those search results actually
have to be interpreted by robots and algorithms. 


Therefore all these complicated pieces of code that Google has made, and spent billions of dollars creating, but it’s actually not
possible for robots to evaluate every single possible search that 7+
billion people are putting into Google, millions of times per hour.


That is
when Search Engine Evaluator role’s come in because as a human being actually have an incredibly
complicated brain and it is able to interpret things that machine’s algorithms can’t do. 


And because you’re able to do that and you help Google to improve Google search engine, so companies like Google and other large search engine providers are actually willing to pay for human beings who evaluate search results. that machine and algorithms, and code cannot do.



Now the important thing is that a Search Engine Evaluators
improves Google and then Google makes more money, which is why Google and other search engines are willing
to pay a search engine evaluator to do these tasks on their behalf, So if you do something very similar not on the search engines, but actually on social media, you actually can earn a significant amount of money per hour.

Where to Earn Money From Internet by Googling Google

There’s a ton of different websites out there that actually allow you
to apply to be a search engine evaluator such as zip recruiter, indeed, but here we’re gonna focus on a few websites that actually specialize just
in search engine evaluation services, who partner with the search engine giants
such as Google. 


These Sites actually hire people just like you from anywhere in the world
to earn money from internet just for Googling Google or evaluating simple Google results, also there’s
a lot of different services out there, and you can actually apply to work at multiple different of these
services to maximize the chances to earn more money by
doing these simple tasks. 


Appen is a site who recently acquired one of the other large search engine
evaluator services leap force. When you go to the site www.appen.com and click on jobs button you gonna see there’s a lot of different opportunities out
there such as “Project, Micro Tasks, Surveys and Data Collection”.

1. Earn Money From Internet as Search Engine Evaluation:-

When you actually click
on the “Projects” link, you’ll find here a lot of different work from home opportunities
for people from all around the world and at very first place you gonna see a search media evaluation work with the
world’s top search engine companies essentially to evaluate the results. 


Now as
a search engine evaluator, essentially you are
going to be evaluating search engine results for specific queries for example:- you might type something like Dallas restaurant now if you
type Dallas restaurant obviously you’re probably looking for a restaurant in
Dallas but sometimes search engine results are strange or
not at all relevant to what you specifically were looking for. 


That is
ultimately what the search engine companies are paying you to uncover those
types of strange words or queries that don’t actually produce ultra relevant
results for the person who entered it. 

2. Earn Money From Internet as a Social Media Evaluator:-

The other job that I was talking about is actually called a Social Media Evaluator. Now it’s
very similar to a search engine but you actually will be
evaluating the accuracy and relevancy of ads on Social Media, because all Social Media Sites like Facebook wants to actually give you as relevant as possible
of ads of things that you’re interested in to make your user experience as good
as it can possibly be.


It means that they need human being along with their algorithms
and codes to actually evaluate whether or not the ads that
they’re showing you are as relevant as possible to what you’re actually interested
in, and so you actually will evaluate the
relevancy and accuracy of ads on social media to try to make the user experience
as good as possible for all big social media

3. Earn Money From Internet as a Data Collector:-

Now if you’re even looking for a potential third option here is it called a Data Collector. Data Collector does a variety of different things related to machine
learning and improving machine learning related to audio transcription services and
many other things. 


The cool thing about a data collector is you can actually make up to $30 or more simply by doing basic data
collection activity so if you’re looking to make money online and work from
home then you should apply for Appen and other related services such as “Search Engine Evaluators, Social Media Evaluators, and Data Collectors” These services could be the perfect opportunity for you. 

Appen’s Alternatives for Doing Google Googling Jobs:-

There is other different companies out there offers same or similar types of jobs and most of these works worldwide, so you also can approach to these options too. Here are some alternatives for you.

  1. There is a another company AskWonder which also provides same type of jobs and you “Becomes A Researcher” by signing up a form, because here you gonna do research jobs just by googling Google, but this opportunity not available in CA, MA, and NY. so if you are not living in these countries you may apply for this company too. here is only 1 limitation that you need to finish the task in one sitting.
  2. Lionbridge also a another similar type of company here when you click on the link “Join Our Team” you gonna see different options to work with but you gonna select the option “Raters, Annotators and Testers” for doing Google Googling job, and this is a worldwide option for you. Here you need to Send an Email to Lionbridge for applying this position. 
  3. iSoftStone is another China based company deals in Software and It Services, and it need to be a native English speaker, familiar with Microsoft products like Bing. They also want you to be permanent residents of the US. 

You may find some options but these options are more legitimate and well known around the world, and i highly recommend to start with Appen for starting because that one is a leading brands and works for the top sites and search engines.



Disclaimer:- The Earning amount mentioned in the video or in the post are subject to companies payout policies, and payment system. and this amount may be less or more according to your capabilities and time spend for a particular jobs. The PassiveIncomeIdeas.org won’t give you any assurance for making same amount of money with mentioned companies.


I hope you find this is a complete post and included all necessary pieces of information you were looking for. Still there is something i missed, please let me know in comment section, I’ll try my best to provide you best solution of your query or confusion.

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