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12 Unique, Attractive Ways To Display Your Books | Writer’s Relief



12 Unique, Attractive Ways To Display Your Books | Writer’s Relief

If you’re like the enthusiastic readers here at Writer’s Relief, you probably have a burgeoning book collection (and are always on the lookout for more!). If your books are stacked haphazardly next to your desk or are perilously perched on your nightstand, it’s time to get organized. We’ve found some unique, attractive ways to display your books with the efficiency of a librarian and the style of an icon.

How To Display Your Books

Spiral Steps Bookcase

With these spiral steps, you won’t be running in circles trying to remember where you left your book.


Repurposed Storage

Grab a basket or container that’s collecting dust and use it to collect your books!


Ladder Bookshelf

A ladder shelf will have your “To Be Read” pile reaching new heights—with style!


Storage With Seating

Take a seat, make yourself comfortable, and have all your favorite books stored close at hand.

Hanging Book Rack

This unique way to store your favorite reads lets you hang your books and display them in a way that’s sure to impress!


Windowsill Book Display

A bookshelf doesn’t have to be a shelf! Brighten up your windowsill with some of your favorite hardcovers and paperbacks. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your unique bookends.


Tree Bookshelf

This will be your favorite library “branch”! You might even group the books by color for an interesting, autumn leaves effect.


Book Ledge

By hanging a narrow ledge, you can display a gallery of books in a space that fits a few picture frames. If you have a fireplace, consider displaying some of your favorites on the mantel!

Revolving Shelves

If you have so many books it makes your head spin, this revolving bookcase will help you get your personal library neatly under control.


One Tall, Floating Stack

With this clever book spine, your books will appear to be in a tall, unsupported stack. This space-saving bookshelf is made of metal and safely keeps all your books within reach.


Rolling Cart

Now your reading list can follow you from room to room with a rolling book cart! It’s also handy when you need to tidy up and quickly get your book collection stashed away.


Pipe Wall Shelves

Guests will definitely give these floating shelves featuring metal pipes and valves a second glance. When you need to let off a little steam, just reach for a good book!

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