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4 Content Creation Mistakes to Avoid



Content creation mistakes

Here is a list of 5 content creation mistakes to avoid (and how to fix them!):

#1 – Creating what you want – not what your audience needs.

When I first started my blog in 2011 (that makes me feel ancient!) I focused entirely too much on the content I wanted to share and not enough on what my audience actually needed.

I wasn’t thinking about who I wanted to attract to my blog.

I wasn’t thinking about how I could solve their problems.

I wasn’t thinking about who would be a good fit for my digital offers.

This left me feeling completely unconnected from my audience, which then led to my blog being stagnant.

It’s easy to just put out any content, but you need to focus on providing content that is relevant and useful to your audience.

To fix this content creation mistake you need to understand your audience and what they truly need from your content. To do this, you need to ASK. Don’t be afraid to talk to your audience and identify their struggles. Read more about that here.

#2 – Not having a goal with your content 

You aren’t writing content for the sake of posting something new. You need to have a goal for your content that is a part of your overall strategy.

With all of my content, I always have the bigger picture in mind and make sure that it aligns with my messaging and goals. 

For me, it is leading people along my customer journey that I have already mapped out for my business.

My content is a starting point to move them along the path to make a purchase of one of my digital offers. 

Before you create any content you need to think about why you are creating it, what kind of value it will provide, how it will address your audience’s pain points and most importantly what call to action you want them to take after engaging with your content. 

To fix this content creation mistake, always have your goals planned out BEFORE you create any kind of content for your blog or business. 

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#3 – Not spending enough time executing

This is a HUGE mistake I see being made all the time.

Content creators spend so much time creating content and not enough time on execution.

You can spend all the time in the world creating an amazing content plan but if you don’t execute it or have some kind of accountability in place then it was just a waste of time. 

To fix this content creation mistakes you have to leave time in your schedule to implement your plan and hold yourself accountable.

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#4 – No strategy in place

When it comes to content creation you need to have a strategy in place to not only help you stay consistent but also to keep everything aligned.

You don’t want to be a blog or business that randomly posts pieces of content that feel disconnected from your business and overall goals.

When you have continuity with your content strategy your audience will start to trust you and be excited to see your new content.

Think about:

How often will you post?

What topics will you cover?

How will you promote your content? 

What platforms will you use to promote your content?

Each of these pieces makes up your content strategy.

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