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Ultimate List Of 400+ Pinterest Group Boards For Bloggers :- Join Today


Get A Ultimate List Of 400+ Pinterest Group Boards For Bloggers Niche Specific to join today. Learn How to Find & Join and boost your blog traffic

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog again, Today I gonna share with you a Ultimate List of more than 400 Pinterest Group Boards Niche Specific you can join today. 

I’ll try to update this list every month by adding new group boards and new niches so that you can find more and more niche specific boards to join every month.

Pinterest is my one of the best traffic source to my blog, and it all because of creating & joining 100s of Pinterest Group Boards till now and it keep growing. As you know  pinterest not just a social media platform but a search engine as well to the bloggers.

And, like me it’s the biggest traffic source to so many bloggers, When you post a pin to a group board, your pin have a chance to be seen by all the followers of that group board, even if they don’t follow you.

Still if you are wondering What i am talking about and What stand for “Pinterest Group Boards”, let’s discuss about the topic first…

What Is Pinterest Boards:-

Pin means sharing a visual post to Pinterest, and your pins to be saved in one’s profile and needs to be placed and saved inside a board the pins that you create or repin can be organized inside pinterest boards by category or purpose.

Pinterest boards are a folder-like collection of pins that have their
own theme pinterest users are using the platform to search for
inspiration from the products that they want to buy and ideas for home
improvement preparing for an event, etc.

There are millions of
pins that are available for them to find and discover and those pins are
all saved inside a pinterest board, the way you set up your pinterest
boards will affect where your created pins or the pins that you have
repinned will appear on pinterest search results boards are a way to get
those pins discovered by pinners who are searching for keywords related
to that pin. 

There’s no pin without boards it is also possible for pinners to follow specific pinterest boards from a pinterest user without them following the profile a pinterest user can make multiple boards to save their pins that will belong to different themes or categories. Pinterest boards will help your business boost traffic for your blog, website or e-commerce store, etc. 

Notice:- There you can notice on above image you won’t find any faces circle anywhere it means it’s a regular board or there is only 1 contributor for this board.

What Is Pinterest Group Boards:-

Now. you know A pinteret board is a folder of a similar types of pins, and a Pinterest Group Board is a Group of the contributors who can share their same theme ot topic pins in a one Pinterest Board, just like a Facebook Group or a linkedin group. 

In other words Pinterest Group boards are similar to normal Pinterest Boards, but here you can have multiple contributors to that board. 

There you can easily notice many circles showing faces, these circle faces are indicates that there are many contributors pinning inthis boards so it shows it’s a Pinterest Group Board.

Therefore, if you join a Pinterest Group Board you are become elegible to pin your own pin in that group board and your pin will be shown to all the contributors and followers of that group boards even if they are not your follower.  

It means if you join many 100s of Group Boards you have a chance to share your pin in all these groups and it will be shown to thousands of people without spending single dime on advertisement. So you gonna get free traffic to your blog, website or a store.

How to find & Join Pinterest Group Boards:-

There you may find many different ways to find a group board, but all of these are time consuming.
So, I decided to share a Ultimate List of 400+ Pinterest Group Boards to save your time and efforts, all of them are accepting new contributors at the current time.

I also chetogoried this list accordingto different niches and topic so that you can select the group boards that is perfect for your niche or theme.

Now before joining these group boards you must real the instructions of every board so that you won’t get removed due to now following their rules. and every board have their own rules depending on the group board owner. 

Before joining some group owner ask to send email, or send a private message on pinterest, some may ask to subscribe to their blogs, or fill a form or follow their pages on Facebook, etc

My Provan Script to Send to the group owner to get accepting:-

You can easily write any polite request to join the group board, here is my own script i use to send to the group board owner and accepted in 100s of boards till now…

Hi, “Name of the Group Board’s Owner”
May I have an invitation to join your [Name of the Group Board]?
My Pinterest profile link: “Your Profile URL”
My Pinterest account email is: [Your Email Id connected with pinterest] if that makes it easier to find me.
I believe I could offer your board some great & interesting pins from time to time.
Here is a board of the typical pins that I would pin to your board that follow your guidelines:
“share your any board url similarly to his board “

NOTES:-I also want to be invited for your other “mentioned you niche” group boards.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

“Your Name”

Apply For My Best Pinterest Group Boards:-

Therefore, I am participating in more then 200 Pinterest Group Boards related to my Blog Niche “Digital Marketing & Make Money”, as well as I myself created many relevant Group Boards where you can participate as a contributor.

Before Applying to my Group Boards just follow some rules such as follow me (PassiveIncomeIdeas4U – get selected for all boards not just one) and Email Me on babitasingh0412@gmail.com . Only pin high-quality vertical pins. Max 5 a day per user. Please repin at least 15 pins per month from the board you want to join.

Ultimate List Of 400+ Pinterest Group Boards:-

I created this ultimate niche specific list for you, and you can use it for FREE and save your valuable time, but it was very time consuming for me. So if you follow my Pinterest account, and share a few pins from my ( Make Money Youtube board ) to your own boards, I’ll consider it as a ( you thanked me ) for my efforts and I’ll really appreciate that.

If you have a group board and you want me to add it to the list, please send me a private message on my Pinterest account.

Common Niche Related Pinterest Group Boards:- 

Money Making & Financing Pinterest Group Boards:-

Blogging, Social Media, Digital Marketing Niche Boards:-

Parenting Niche Related Pinterest Group Boards:-

Health & Fitness Related Pinterest Group Boards:-

 Cooking Food & Recipes Related Group Boards:-

 Fashion & Beauty Niche Pinterest Group Boards:-

Knitting & Crafting Related Pinterest Group Boards:-

DIY, Home-decor & Gardening Related Group Boards:-

Pinterest Group Boards for Travel Bloggers:-

Gift Ideas & Parties Events Related Group Boards-

Now this was my Ultimate List of 400+ Pinterest Group Boards you can join today, but there is something more important rather then joining these groups only. That is you need to pin your pin regularly and manage these groups so all contributor can see your pins and save it in their boards and you can do the same for them.

But this is not a easy task to pin your all contant regularly to all relevent groups at the best time slot if you are doing it manually.

So therefore I highly recommend a Outstanding Pinterest Pin Scheduling Tool that can do it smartly for you and can save your tons of time and efforts.

This tool not only schedule your pin on all relevent groups but it also shows the time slot to share your pin at the best time according to yout country zone. and it is a official partner of Pinterest so it is interlinked with pinterest algoritham strategy so it follows all rules and reduce spam content sharing.

Join This Tool “TailwindApp” Now

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links as I am an Affiliate Partner with Tailwind and You and Me both will get 1 month FREE
Pro Subscription worth $15 where you can schedule 400 pins in a month
if you sign up via my link. You can schedule and publish 100 Pins FREE!
for trial. Thanks in advance for supporting my content!

I hope you would find this post useful and valuable, please do share it with someone who looking for it. and if you have any suggestion or query please let me know in comment section.

I’ll be come back soon with more good stuffs and spreading my knowledge with you. 

Thanks, Make it a Great Day

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