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Passive Income Farmer: 2020 Portfolio Review


2020 was an unprecedented year. Many of us never expect that the medical advancement of mankind would ever face another pandemic like the Spanish flu 100 years ago…   

Well, time to do a final review on my portfolio’s performace in 2020.

Top 30 positions of my portfolio at end 2020:
1. SGX
2. ParkwayLife Reit
3. UOB
4. FCT
5. Keppel DC Reit
8. Frasers L&C Tr
10. AIMS APAC Reit
11. Keppel Corp
12. Mapletree Com Tr
13. Ascendas Reit
14. CDL HTrust
15. Suntec Reit
16. SingTel
17. SPH Reit
18. Capitaland
19. Keppel InfraTr
20. Starhill Global Reit
22. Bukit Sembawang
23. Netlink NBN Tr
24. Sembcorp Indust
25. ST Engg
26. SIA Engg
27. ARA LOGOS Log Tr
28. Cromwell Reit Euro
29. Frasers Property
30. AstreaIVB4.35%

Total dividends collected in 2020: $15,399.93
Average monthly dividends: $1,283.33 (10.1% down cf. 2019)
Portfolio yield: 3.92%

Well, 2020 was an unprecedented year. Many companies cut or stop dividends altogether and first time my annual dividend collected declined compared with previous year.

Good-bye (deadwood):

1. SPH (41.1% loss) (from initial investment including dividends):
– Past dividend angel but now a dinosaur going down the road to extinction. 
– I am just too slow in clearing it out……

2. Sembcorp Marine
– Free shares from Sembcorp Industries……

Good-bye (Delisted/Merger):

1. Frasers Com Trust (64% gain):
– Merged with Frasers L&I Trust. 

2. Accordia Golf Trust (23.4% gain):
– Will miss this Japanese Trust……

Top Dividend Contributors: 

1. SGX (12.1%):
SGX is the top counter in my portfolio and no surprise that it is the top dividend contributorSGX has dividend payout every quarter, almost like a REIT.

2. UOB (8.5%):
Good old UOB continues paying dividends.

3. AIMS APAC Reit (6.1%):
This is a small but good REIT, hope there will be no merger or dislisting of this Reit in 2021.  3rd dividend contributor despite only #10 in my portfolio. 

In 2019, the top 3 dividend contributors accounted for 24% of my total dividends.  In 2020, the top 3 dividend contributors accounted for 26.7% of the total dividends.

Next, some New Year fun and amusement. 

Dividend Yield Winners (龙虎榜):

1. ARA HTrust US (10.46%):
Distressed hospitality trust……High yield due to the depressed stock price……

2. ARA LOGOS Log Tr (9.68%) 
– ARA brand name again?  Though need to pump in money for the first right issue in 2021……

3. Prime US Reit (9.07%)
– Small holding.

A return gain or loss will only be realised when I sell.  The current unrealised return winners and losers:

Unrealised Return Winners (英雄榜):

1. Keppel DC Reit (165.4% gain):
Did not add more as I already have sufficient exposure to the REIT sector.

2. SGX (101.1% gain):
– Will stay for dividends and growth.

3. Mapletree Com Tr (58.8% gain):
Did not add more as I already have sufficient exposure to the REIT sector.

Unrealised Return Losers (狗熊榜): 

1. Eagle HTrust (100% loss)
– Consider this a total loss….. 

2. Duty Free Int’l (49.6% loss)
Keep in cold storage.

3. ARA HTrust US (46.7% loss)
– Keep in cold storage.

Luckily these are the last 3 positions in my portfolio……

Wishing everyone Happy New Year and a Healthy and Prosperous 2021.

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