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Quiz: Which Type Of Writing Monster Are You? | Writer’s Relief


It’s the time of year when things go bump in the night! And since you may be writing well past the witching hour, the submission strategy sorcerers at Writer’s Relief decided to conjure up a wickedly fun writing quiz to take your mind off whatever’s making that creaking sound in the attic. Take a sip of your favorite writing potion (for us, it’s coffee) and as you feel the transformation tingling through your veins, find out which type of writing monster you’ll become.

Writing Quiz: Which Type Of Writing Monster Are You?

When do you do most of your writing?

  1. I usually write in the mornings.
  2. I like to write late at night.
  3. I write whenever I have time.

Which of these is most common in your writing?

  1. Detailed world building
  2. Intense emotional turmoil
  3. A page-turning plot

What is a must-have for a good writing session?

  1. The perfect cup of tea
  2. Solitude and silence
  3. My favorite notebook

Which genre do you most like to write?

  1. Sci-fi or fantasy
  2. Romance or YA
  3. A little bit of everything!

What is most likely to occur in your writing?

  1. A grand adventure
  2. A lost love
  3. An incredible plot twist

How do you want readers to react to your novel?

  1. I want them to feel like they are immersed in another world!
  2. I want them to feel emotionally invested in my writing!
  3. I want them to never know what to expect!

How do your characters solve their problems?

  1. Thinking everything through with care
  2. Convincing others to solve their problems for them
  3. Battling their problems face-to-face

Mostly 1: You’re A Spellbinding Witch/Wizard!

You cast a transportation spell on your readers, and they get totally carried away! Your readers have a whole new world to explore and unique characters to meet! Get ready to cast your next spell on your readers when you pen a portal to an exciting new world!

Mostly 2: You’re An Irresistible Vampire!

The dead of night is peak productivity time for you. Your characters’ emotional struggles are irresistible to your readers and grip their hearts! Readers are drawn to the details in your storyline. Sink your teeth into your next project and keep writing!

Mostly 3: You’re A Powerful Frankenstein’s Monster!

A pinch of action of here…some comedy stitches over there…and voilà! Your writing is alive with a little bit of everything! Putting together powerful new creations could draw a huge crowd of readers (hopefully without torches or pitchforks). While mixing it up is great, don’t forget to follow some good writing habits!


Question: Tell us in the comment section which type of writing monster you are!



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