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Hey Im a 18 year old and so far i have 2 passive incomes which is youtube and Stocks Is there any other passive incomes and Does anybody know where i can find a Mentor : passive_income


Wow you’re already set to a good start! How about you branch out to crypto? I suggested this because, while it is highly volatile, you have your age (time) as an advantage. There are Play To Earn crypto that you may enjoy.

Another one is probably renting out stuff you already own and are not using that much. Think of real estate rentals BUT for your stuff. It’s relatively passive as you earn while others borrow for your item. I personally have stocks and crypto as my sources of passive income and have tried this new one out. I rent out tools and my family’s canopy. I use the platform My Garage Rentals.

It’s a fun side hustle so i think you so should try it too!

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