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WordPress Polls That Will Boost Blog Readership



Collecting honest feedback from readers is one of the most efficient ways to improve a website. The readers are the most important element in creating blog content and bloggers can’t just continuously create content without checking in with them regularly. Anything in and out of the internet relies on good surveys and polls to improve on their products. Whether you are selling a website experience, content, product, or brand, user feedback is valuable to identify which aspects of it need to be improved. Also, it is an excellent way to identify what your users, customers, or readers will like to see in the future. But, how else could we get honest feedback other than polls and surveys?

What benefits do we get from polls and surveys?

  • Positive feedback can be used as testimonials for what they like about your content
  • The general demography of readers could be assessed from the surveys (like age and location)
  • Surveys can tell the blogger which content the readers prefer more
  • Readers’ overall experiences (site speed, layout, ad placement, content, web design, etc) can be assessed through the polls
  • Feedback can help bloggers identify and fix any available issues through the eyes of the readers
  • Suggestions from readers are also very great sources of ideas

For WordPress users, there are countless plugins and add-ons available online. WordPress polls are not easy to create. However, there are only a select few that could meet all the requirements. The newest and one of the best tools there is would be the WPForms Survey and Poll Addon. Here’s what we know about it:

What is the WPForms Survey and Poll Addon?

From WPForms, this drag and drop form builder is one of the easiest ways to create polls and surveys for any WordPress website. Among the main goals of the WPForms team was to create a plugin that could easily build even the most complicated of surveys and polls. The group surely delivered.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscriptions to online form builders can be pretty expensive because they provide all the requirements that bloggers need for their websites. We do also take note that there are form builders that are available online for free. But the features are very limited in comparison to the WPForms surveys and polls addon.

The WPForms survey and polls addon is pretty much the best deal. It is a mix between great usability and affordability. Basic subscriptions start at $39.50 a year while the elite subscription is only at $299.5 per year. That is less than a dollar per day!

Note: Prices can change anytime. Source: WPForms

Best Features of the WP Surveys and Polls addon

The WPForms surveys and polls have many of the most impressive features for form builders. To easily assess its best characteristics, let us divide our assessment into three categories:


Since creating plays a significant part in the performance of form builders, this is the first thing we will look at. As bloggers, what would we be experiencing while building surveys and polls using this tool? Here are some of the best attributes:

  • Drag and drop feature provides code-free form building and allows creating polls and surveys within minutes
  • Hundreds of pre-built templates are available for use
  • Easily embeddable onto WordPress
  • All forms of fields are available (multiple-choice, star ratings, Likert scale, etc)


As bloggers, we don’t create surveys just to have them on our blogs. We create surveys to gain pertinent information from them. This is where reporting and analysis come in. How useful is the WPforms surveys and polls addon?

  • Report presentation is easily customizable depending on which visualization tools you prefer and find easiest to analyze
  • Can produce real-time results
  • Easily export and print graphs and tables via different formats (jpg, pdf, etc)

User Experience

  • All forms created through this form builder is 100% responsive to any type of device (works on tablets, desktops, laptops, and mobile)
  • Forms are easy to use and fill-up

How to Easily Install WP Surveys and Polls Addon

There are only a handful of steps to remember when installing the plugin:

  1. Go to the site where you want to install the addon
  2. When on the admin dashboard, go to Plugins and Add new
  3. On the Add Plugins dialogue box, select Upload Plugin
  4. When the plugin is uploaded, click on Install Now
  5. After installing, make sure that the plugin is activated by clicking on Activate Plugin

Activating the plugin will require verification of your purchased license key. If you activate your plugin, you will be receiving updates and support automatically. One thing to remember is that you can use this WPForms addon on multiple websites only if you purchase the Elite Subscription package. In case you want to use it for your client websites, you can download Basic subscriptions for each.

Multiple websites provide tutorials on how to use and optimize the WPForms Surveys and Polls addon.

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